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Reno Rock n River Half Marathon

Yes…this race recap is officially two weeks overdue.  Oops! 

This is an annual race for me.  Last year Beki and Ashley came up and we all PR’d the half on this course.  This year Beki came back up but she was going to run the 10K.  And Lynn drove over from Central Cali to run the half too.  She, like me, hasn’t really done a lot of distance since Tough Mudder last September.  It was so good to hang out with these ladies.  Beki came up on Friday evening and Lynn Saturday.  

After Lynn showed up on Saturday we headed to Sparks for the Expo.  I was really disappointed in the expo this year.  Last year it was at the UNR and there were a ton of booths and really well put together.  This year? At Scheels.  There were only a couple of booths and they were for future races.  Whole Foods was there handing out granola samples, but overall I was very disappointed.  And? Can I just say that I’m not a pink person and for the second year in a row the women’s tech shirt was a shade of pink.  Grrr.  Oh well.  

After getting home from Reno, I made some spaghetti sauce and we chowed down on our carbs and hung out, chatting and watching movies.  Then it was off to bed.  With the half starting at 7 a.m. we needed to be on the road no later than 6.  

And 6 a.m. brought us on the road and headed to Reno.  It was cooler than I was expecting, which for Lynn and Beki being central Cali girls, they were COLD.  🙂  I was worried because I had seen it was supposed to be in the high 50s Sunday morning, and that was going to be HOT for me.  So I was excited it was cooler than that.  Granted it was chilly waiting for the gun, but I knew I’d warm up soon enough.  

Lynn and I ran the first 2.5 miles together.  I was trying to keep my pace slow but I was still running about 9:30 mm.  I think that’s where I lost Lynn.  I was trying to go slow, but those first few miles felt painfully slow.  I walked on and off throughout the race.  I was perfectly okay with this.  I knew I didn’t want to push too hard and wanted to take it easy on my leg.  There were points in the race where I would have walked if I had been on my own.  This is why I love races.  Because it’s easier to push when you are surrounded by people who are all running.  

I went into this race knowing I didn’t properly train for it.  I was going to be happy with anything less than 2:30.  I knew I didn’t have a PR in me.  No way.  

Since Beki had done the 10K, I knew she was done.  When I hit mile 12, I sent her a text.  I was hoping that she would get a couple of pictures of me at the finish line.  

Right before the last turn in the race where you can see the Reno sign, I was talking to myself and reminding myself not to push to early at the finish line…and wondering if I even had any push left in me.  And then I heard a kid (teenager) saying “You can do it. You’re so close.  You just have to make it around the next corner.  Then you’ll be done.” Etc. etc. etc.  I glance over and I think he was talking to his mom.  I glanced over and told her that she *was* doing it.  She smiled and said, “can you tell it’s my first half?”  I told her she was doing amazing for her first half and just enjoy the last little bit.  And then I hit the corner.  I held back on my final kick until I hit about 200 m out and then I took off.  I pushed and pushed hard.  By the time I hit the finish line I was sprinting at full speed.  And I noticed the clock.  It was just over 2:12!  I couldn’t believe it!  

I was so happy with my time.  It was 8 minutes slower than either of my two previous runs on this course, but it wasn’t my slowest half.  I felt so good! 

I met up with Beki and she told me thanks for the text and she got some pictures but she couldn’t believe how fast I had been going at the end.  


Thanks, B, for this picture! I love how far off the ground my feet are.  


Here are the three of us at the end of the race.  Lynn ended up finishing right at 2:30, which for the mental back and forth she did in her head during the race, is awesome.  Beki had a great 10K race – just over an hour.  

I will continue to run this race every year.  It’s local, it’s well supported, and it’s a pretty run.  I just hope that next year they get their shiz together and have a good expo again.  


And next year? No pink please!!

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The Broken Chronicals

Checking in for the week here.  I’m trying to remember the last week.  Heh.  That doesn’t bode well.  I, once again, haven’t done much.  I’m going to make it a goal to get my NTC ab workout done daily.  And add in some pushups and pullups at the end.  I feel like I’m wasting away.  Plus my back has been killing me from all the hunched crutching going on.  I have 15 days to go until the cast comes off.  My brother actually asked me if he could take it off for me.  He wants to take a Skilsaw to my leg.  Uhm…bro? I love you and all, but I’m not keen on the idea of you and power tools coming at me.

My eating has been sporadic.  Monday I had zero appetite and didn’t eat much throughout the day but had a great dinner of brown rice and salmon.  So there’s that.  I even had seconds.  Life has been very stressful lately and in the next week it’s only going to get more so.  Not an excuse but it’s my reality.  The good news is that I have zero junk in the house, so at least if I get hungry there is only healthy stuff in the house.  Though I asked Twitter the other day if it was okay if I lived off of Starbucks Mocha Fraps.  I had a couple yeses.  So maybe I should just go there.  🙂  I mean the grande size has to have about 500 calories in it, right?  And without exercising, that’s close to half of what I need in a day.

I’m looking forward to my first run.  I might even be dreaming about it.  How’s that for addicted?  I need to get a new pair of shoes in anticipation.  Though I have some time.  At a minimum a month.  Hopefully a maximum of 6 weeks.  That puts me at the end of November.  *chomping at the bit*.  Let’s hear it for healing bones!!

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Checking in 2 days out

Holy crap! I’d say I’m scared about Tough Mudder NorCal, which just so happens to occur in 2-1/2 days at the time I’m writing this, but I’m not really scared.  Will it be hard? Hellz yeah.  Of course it will be.  It will be a marathon of a different sort.  It will be long and hard.  I will be there with thousands of my closest “friends”.  Sorta like my marathon at Disney.  I will know people who are out there doing it too, but not necessarily be with them during the time on the course.  If you want to check out the course, here’s the link.

The only thing I’m *scared* of is the boa constrictor.  It *says* on the website that you crawl through pipes.  The pictures they posted on facebook today? Showed they are cut pipes.  So the bottom of them is open to the rocks and dirt and then they add water.  Confined spaces.  Water that will almost cover my head? Scares the heck out of me.  Will I get through it?  Of course.  But I think I may be taking a gel with caffeine at the top of the mountain.  Sorta my own version of liquid courage.

As I said, the rest of it is going to be hard.  I’m expecting to be totally beat up by the end.  And unless something *bad* happens (which my 10yo has told me is not acceptable), then there is no reason I won’t finish.  I know I will.

Today I did my final official Tough Mudder workout.  The intervals have gotten easier.  I still am tired by the end of them, but they don’t feel overwhelming anymore.  The strength aspect I’ve had a bit of trouble with lately.  My left shoulder has been weird so I’ve been taking it easy.  I can still get 5-6 pullups and chinups done each time.  Today I made it a point to sit down and make friends with my foam roller again.  My left knee has been a little weird lately and no real surprise, my IT band is mad.  I’ve now rolled it twice today.  I will continue to do it 2-3 times a day for the next two days.  I can’t have my knee freaking out on this 11-mile hike (last time I checked the website they said it was about 10 miles – must have had some alterations to the course once they got on the mountain) with all that the rest of me has to do.

I am excited about Tough Mudder.  It’s going to be a blast.  I promise a recap by the end of Sunday.  I want to get it done Saturday when everything is fresh in my mind..but I can’t promise I won’t be soaking and popping ibuprofen and trying not to move while drinking booze.

So an actual non-Tough Mudder update?  I’ve been eating well and trying to hydrate.  Tonight I’m drinking margaritas.  The next two nights I will be booze free.  The bootcamp style of the Tough Mudder workout followed directly after The Sisterhood’s Bootcamp.  I didn’t take any measurements because, well, I don’t worry about that.  I’d really like to know my body fat composition because I know it’s dropped significantly in the last few months.  (Granted I haven’t had it done in 16 years, but back then I weighed about the same and *looked* thin and healthy but had a BF% of, I think, 26% – much higher than I looked).  Today when I got out of the shower I stepped on the scale.  I’ve lost about 5 pounds this summer.  I also lost circumference on my waist as I had to go up a notch on my belt.

Now, don’t get disgruntled at me because I’m already thin.  I’m not gloating.  I’m telling you the hard cardio followed by weights has changed my body.  I am currently healthier than I have ever been in my life.  And I’m loving it.  I love knowing that this body has birthed three kids.  I love knowing that I’ve found my groove.  I know running will always be my go-to exercise.  But being able to do pullups for the first time in my life is pretty damn awesome.  I’m proud of the hard work I’ve done to get here.  Being healthy takes work.  Mental and physical.  You must just do it.  Seriously.  Life is crazy and busy and there aren’t enough hours.  Trust me, I know.  If you start small and say 2 days a week, then you create a routine.  You can adjust the days as the craziness of life gets in the way.  Then when you are comfortable doing 2 days, add a third.  I was worth it.  You are worth it.

So I’m going to send you to The Sisterhood.  They are starting Shrinkvivor again this fall.  It was a huge success for those who participated last year.  Go join up.

Remember what you put into your health is what you’ll get out of it.  No go get to it!


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Tough Mudder is when?

Nine days.  In nine days I will be hiking up the side of a mountain climbing, crawling, jogging, being dragged over 12-foot walls, jumping off a platform into water, diving under barrels, and some mystery obstacle we won’t know about until the day of.  I remember when T first brought this to my attention and I thought he was insane.  And now? Now I feel as ready as ever.  I’m not scared or worried.  I’m mildly nervous about the boa constrictor obstacle – confined space and water.  Not my ideal situation, but I know I’ll tough mudder through it all.  And end up with my fabulous orange headband and wear it proudly on Tough Mudder Monday.

The only part that sorta bothers me the fact of how many people are participating.  We got our “get ready” email yesterday.  There are so many people now that they have pushed up the start time from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m.  There will be waves of 600 people every 20  minutes.  That blows my mind.  I totally understand how they recommend being able to run 5-6 miles before the event even though the courses are between 10-12 miles each.  You are not continuously moving through the course.  There will be lots of stopping and waiting to get through the obstacles.  I probably glossed over this fact in the beginning my research.  But I do know that TM petitioned Squaw Valley to add 15,000 extra people to this 2-day event.

But I’m ready.  I’m ready to have my ass kicked and have very sore muscles the next day.  I’m debating seeing if my parents will watch the kids the next morning so we can go up and watch my brother and his group run it on Sunday.  I’d love to see it from the spectators perspective too.

And you want to hear the even crazier part? The Tough Mudder tattoo? They’ve changed their process.  Now? If you donate $70 to the Wounded Warrior Project you can get a the Tough Mudder tattoo AND a free entry into one of the upcoming TM events.  (I sorta want to be even more bad ass and two!)  But I didn’t say that.  Really.

I also have this little half marathon on Sunday.  You know the one I’ve barely trained for.  The one I signed up for because I couldn’t fathom only having completed one half marathon this year.  It’s in Reno.  The girls will spend the night with my parents on Saturday so I can get up and figure out where I’m going on my own.  I have no real expectations for this race.  I’d like to not have my worst time.  I can’t fathom that I will.  It will be cool and relatively flat.  I doubt I’ll PR it but 2:10 or under would be fabulous in my mind.  I’ll let you know next week.

My eating hasn’t been fantastic.  Stress will do that to you.  But I haven’t been eating crap.  Just not enough overall.  But I promise it’s not horrible.  I just know I’m not fueling as well as I should be.

But in 4 days I will be running 13.1 again.  And in just over 9 days I will become a Tough Mudder!!


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Hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

This past Saturday I had a 12-mile run planned.  But since T and were headed up to my parents’ place at Lake Tahoe, I thought it would be fun to leave earlier and go on a hike and nix the run.  This would be good prep for Tough Mudder.  I know we needed to do some hikes/runs at elevation since Tough Mudder is high.  It was even higher than our hike was (started at 7181 and peaked at 8991 feet).  My goal was to maintain at least 20-minute miles.  I knew going up was going to be hard and this was definitely going to be more of a hike than a run.

When we got up to the trail head at 11:40, the small parking area was pretty packed.  I’m sure lots of people head up first thing in the morning while it’s still cool, so we parked on the side of the road.  I grabbed my Camelbak filled with Nuun and snacks, swung my Nikon strap around my neck (thanks to all of you who insisted I take it!), and tucked my phone in the pocket on my running skirt.

Our goal was Snow Valley Peak.  Six miles up.  Six miles back.

We hiked from Spooner up to about the point of where the word “Lake” in Marlette Lake.

I started Runkeeper and tucked my phone back in my pocket and off we went.  Trying to keep a pretty good pace.  The trail was mixed.  There was sand, dirt, and rocks.  It was a good workout for my new trail shoes.  I’ll give you some picture tour.

This is looking in an eastern direction. You’re looking at Carson Valley.

Here you can see the south end of Lake Tahoe.

A peek at Marlette Lake going north.

I’m not a botanist, but these pretty purple flowers were everywhere.  Such a nice splash of color.

I was gloating on twitter with the pictures of the beauty around me.

I felt I had to prove that I was really the one taking the pictures. 🙂

This is my favorite picture of where we were.  The north shore of Lake Tahoe is on the left and Marlette Lake is in the foreground.  I never realized how close the lakes were to each at that one point.

My hiking partner.

I tried to get creative. Pine needles with the mountains and Lake Tahoe in the background.

Here’s another fun one I took.

This was just after we turned around and started heading back down the trail.  Down was much faster than up as on the not-so steep parks going down, we jogged.  I’m not used to running with a Camelbak and it ended up rubbing a bit on my shoulders.  I also had a ton of sand and dirt in my shoes.  The soles of my feet were well exfoliated by the time we got down the trail.  I admit to not wanting to run on the uphill parts of the trail on the way back.  My hip flexors were yelling at me, but my feet felt great.  I could feel my knees from the pounding of going downhill and also my right ankle (which just means I need to roll my calf more regularly).  It was nice to get close to the of the trail and be able to hear the cars on the freeway.  It meant we were almost back.  I was hot, dirty, and tired.  But it was a great hike.  It makes me think we need to get out there more often and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

My picture taking ability with my phone is not the greatest when there’s more than one person in the picture.  Heh.  My goal was to get both of us in the picture with the map behind us.  I guess if you look closely you can see the trail.  T is a bit dirty as he and a fluffy section of dirt met at a rapid rate.  Luckily it wasn’t the part of the trail covered in granite.

We got back to the truck, brushed off a bit, and loaded up.  We drove the 20 minutes to my parents’ condo at Incline where we spent the night.  The humorous part? Since the condo isn’t used consistently, my parents turn off the hot water heater unless someone is going to be using it.  We both desperately wanted to get the layer of filth off of us but we had to wait…unless we wanted an ice cold shower.  We sat on the balcony and took off our shoes.

I was a *bit* dirty.

But these shoes?

They held up awesome on the trail.  I was a bit nervous about running on the granite rocks in parts because they had some sand/dirt on them.  In my normal running road shoes, I would have slipped in certain places.  With these? No slipping.  I wore socks with them because I was still getting over the blister I got when I wore them the first time, but the band-aid had essentially fallen off by the time we got back to the condo.  I think these will be perfect for Tough Mudder.

This was taken off the balcony as the sun started to set.  I really love where I live.  I’m a lucky girl for so many reasons.  This is just one of them.


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May Your Way – Checkin #2

May Your Way Challenge
Wow. Why do these weeks just seem to be flying by? It amazes me and scares me the older I get.  But I had a decent week.  So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

1.  My runs? They are happening.  Just like they should.  I ran Thursday on the treadmill.  I had planned 5 miles for Saturday but my middle girl was making her first communion mixed with spontaneous company for the weekend, so I decided to take ChristieO up on her “Try (tri) it Thursday” and did my 5 miles on Friday morning before the normal date with the pool during my oldest girl’s swim lesson.  I swam 400 meters.  And it was hard after that 5 miles.  That 5 miles in the sun and warmth.  That 5 miles where I got 3 phone calls from my family (who knew I was running) which made me stop because they never call when I’m on a run.  They weren’t important calls, but I stopped and took them.  I ran Monday doing an awesome speed work drill of 3×800 m and averaged a 7:30 mm pace!!  So proud of that one.  I also ran 4 miles yesterday.  I’m sorta being a stickler on my runs right now.  I will be on the road for almost 5 weeks starting on June 5th and I know I won’t be running regularly (which makes me sad), so I’m trying to really push myself now so I won’t regress too far when I start running consistently in July.

2.  Pushups and NTC abs and arm burners.  Check and check.  And my arms? They are lookin’ good! When I was dropping my gymnast off on Monday, I decided I’d try a pullup.  I don’t remember trying a pullup since elementary school.  I did 3.  Yesterday I did 4.  Woot!  Tough Mudder here I come!!

3.  Road trip training.  I think I have found a couple good cross training type workouts on NTC that would be good for the road.  Lots of cardio and strength.  I picked two.  One is called “Get Strong-Beginner-Full Action” and the other “Get Strong-Intermediate-Drill Sergeant”.  I’m putting them down here so hopfully I remember which ones I thought would be good.  I’m still going to be doing pushups, but while on the road I’m going to aim for 30 pushups a day.

4.  I haven’t signed up for the Bizz Johnson half marathon that I talked about last week.  There’s been a lot going on lately and I just haven’t had a chance to discuss it with T.  Maybe this week.

I did not achieve or come close to the 64 ounces of water a day, but I did get to hop on the twitter “Happy Hour” last Thursday night during Big Bang Theory.  And I did the same thing with the Sister Chat on the hood Monday night.  I did participate in the Tworkout last night, but the only one who “saw” me was April.  Twitter was being a b**** on my phone and I wasn’t home, so I texted with April and did the exercises anyway.

Also? I haven’t checked in at the hood on the “30 minutes every day in May” but I’ve been keeping up with it.  Between my runs and the 30 minutes of NTC on the off days, I’m there.  I’m tired, but I’m there.

I hope everyone had a good week.  I’m sorry I haven’t been blog hopping.  I apologize.  Family life has been pretty crazy lately and I’ve barely had time to get my posts done.  But I love you all and keep on keeping on!!  You can do this! You are worth the effort to be a healthier you!


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May Your (my) Way – Check in #1

May Your Way Challenge

Yay for the first check-in!!  It’s only been a couple of days but I have to say I’m meeting my goals and boy are my arms tired! No really!  Between the pushups and the NTC arms and the Tworkout last night, I’m hurting! But it’s a good hurt.  Though it does make me scared for doing my NTC workouts for today…which is the only thing I have on tap in the way of exercise.

In regards to my goals.

1. I have one run under my belt for the week and two more planned.

2. I’ve been working on the pushups and the NTC arm burner – and my arms burn.  IJS.

3.  I’ve been looking through the workouts on NTC to see what would be best, but I haven’t yet had the time to sit down with my travel schedule and see how it’s all going to play out.  Also? Please say a little prayer that my work doesn’t get my account up and running on the internet.  If they do, I will be working while on the road, and I’m worried about getting those couple of hours in amongst all the driving and fun and exercising I will have to be doing.  (Then again, we could use the money, so I’m so conflicted about this work thing!)

4.  I’m rethinking doing the wine country half marathon that I mentioned before.  That would include travel and money isn’t growing on trees.  I know there’s a relatively local one that’s sort of a trail run and I’ve heard it’s really pretty.  I need to find the name of that one and look into it.

I did join the group on the Hood that is going for 30 minutes of exercise for every day this month.  So far, so good.  I also participated in the first 15 minutes or so of the Sisterhood Chat on Monday and the Tworkout last night.  I’m hoping to tweet a bit with Happy Hour tomorrow night.  But they scheduled it during The Big Bang Theory.  Which is the only show I watch, and I live in the 1990s and don’t have a DVR in order to record.  So I’ll probably be around during commercials between 8-8:30.

Oh! I almost forgot! Water! I’ve been doing really well on water.  Though 64 is a lot of water for me.  If I drink that much for more than a day or two, I start to dry out as I’m flushing too much water through my system.  I’m going to aim for 48 of actual water.

Can’t wait to check in next week! Hopefully I’ll be past the soreness and moving on to getting stronger.


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