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Reno Rock n River Half Marathon

Yes…this race recap is officially two weeks overdue.  Oops! 

This is an annual race for me.  Last year Beki and Ashley came up and we all PR’d the half on this course.  This year Beki came back up but she was going to run the 10K.  And Lynn drove over from Central Cali to run the half too.  She, like me, hasn’t really done a lot of distance since Tough Mudder last September.  It was so good to hang out with these ladies.  Beki came up on Friday evening and Lynn Saturday.  

After Lynn showed up on Saturday we headed to Sparks for the Expo.  I was really disappointed in the expo this year.  Last year it was at the UNR and there were a ton of booths and really well put together.  This year? At Scheels.  There were only a couple of booths and they were for future races.  Whole Foods was there handing out granola samples, but overall I was very disappointed.  And? Can I just say that I’m not a pink person and for the second year in a row the women’s tech shirt was a shade of pink.  Grrr.  Oh well.  

After getting home from Reno, I made some spaghetti sauce and we chowed down on our carbs and hung out, chatting and watching movies.  Then it was off to bed.  With the half starting at 7 a.m. we needed to be on the road no later than 6.  

And 6 a.m. brought us on the road and headed to Reno.  It was cooler than I was expecting, which for Lynn and Beki being central Cali girls, they were COLD.  🙂  I was worried because I had seen it was supposed to be in the high 50s Sunday morning, and that was going to be HOT for me.  So I was excited it was cooler than that.  Granted it was chilly waiting for the gun, but I knew I’d warm up soon enough.  

Lynn and I ran the first 2.5 miles together.  I was trying to keep my pace slow but I was still running about 9:30 mm.  I think that’s where I lost Lynn.  I was trying to go slow, but those first few miles felt painfully slow.  I walked on and off throughout the race.  I was perfectly okay with this.  I knew I didn’t want to push too hard and wanted to take it easy on my leg.  There were points in the race where I would have walked if I had been on my own.  This is why I love races.  Because it’s easier to push when you are surrounded by people who are all running.  

I went into this race knowing I didn’t properly train for it.  I was going to be happy with anything less than 2:30.  I knew I didn’t have a PR in me.  No way.  

Since Beki had done the 10K, I knew she was done.  When I hit mile 12, I sent her a text.  I was hoping that she would get a couple of pictures of me at the finish line.  

Right before the last turn in the race where you can see the Reno sign, I was talking to myself and reminding myself not to push to early at the finish line…and wondering if I even had any push left in me.  And then I heard a kid (teenager) saying “You can do it. You’re so close.  You just have to make it around the next corner.  Then you’ll be done.” Etc. etc. etc.  I glance over and I think he was talking to his mom.  I glanced over and told her that she *was* doing it.  She smiled and said, “can you tell it’s my first half?”  I told her she was doing amazing for her first half and just enjoy the last little bit.  And then I hit the corner.  I held back on my final kick until I hit about 200 m out and then I took off.  I pushed and pushed hard.  By the time I hit the finish line I was sprinting at full speed.  And I noticed the clock.  It was just over 2:12!  I couldn’t believe it!  

I was so happy with my time.  It was 8 minutes slower than either of my two previous runs on this course, but it wasn’t my slowest half.  I felt so good! 

I met up with Beki and she told me thanks for the text and she got some pictures but she couldn’t believe how fast I had been going at the end.  


Thanks, B, for this picture! I love how far off the ground my feet are.  


Here are the three of us at the end of the race.  Lynn ended up finishing right at 2:30, which for the mental back and forth she did in her head during the race, is awesome.  Beki had a great 10K race – just over an hour.  

I will continue to run this race every year.  It’s local, it’s well supported, and it’s a pretty run.  I just hope that next year they get their shiz together and have a good expo again.  


And next year? No pink please!!

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Checking In – Tapering

Well here I am.  Less than a week until my next race.  It’s bizarre to think about that the last race I was prepping for was Disney.  That my non-existent long run of 12 miles almost three weeks ago was rarely a number I ran for my long runs in training for 26.2; they were all much longer.  I have been running some awesome times on my shorter runs.  I’m really hoping (but not counting on) my race day excitement to pull me through.  I’d love to PR this race, but I’m not sure it’s possible.  And I’m not being a downer, just a realist.  The fabulous part of this race?  Friday night Beki and Ashley are showing up at my house.  So, so, so excited about that.

I’ve been doing my pushups.  I made it to column 3 of week 5 and I’m dying. But in a good way.  I’m debating what kind of strength training I’m going to be doing come Monday.  That Tough Mudder isn’t going to train itself.  Well, actually, I think it does, but it’s not going to train me and make me able to run those 10 miles in the mountains and get myself through all of those obstacles without  my hard work.

My food lately has been okay.  I’m just not hungry.  I know I should eat, and I am eating, but I’m not eating that much.  Which doesn’t bode well for my carb loading for race prep.

There will be a race report.  There will probably be lots of pictures.  There will be fun and laughter.  Can.not.wait.


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