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May My Way – Check-In #3

May Your Way Challenge
Here we are.  Week 3.  And In 27 hours I will be out the door and on my way to Baltimore for Fitbloggin’11.  I am so excited for many reasons.  I’ve been to conferences before but never one related to blogging.  So I’m excited to experience the networking, the friendships, the learning.  Everything.  (It doesn’t hurt at all that I get to see/meet some of my favorite people.)

This last week has been hard.  Hard emotionally.  Hard physically.  I’ve been hitting my goals pretty much head on, except that I didn’t get my run in yesterday, but I’m hoping to hop on the treadmill this afternoon.  I did change my speed work that I had planned for Monday and made it a bit easier.  I was crunched for time and my focus was elsewhere, but I got it done.

I’ve been getting my pushups in and my NTC workouts.  I’ve been alternating days, so I’m working my upper body every day.  I restarted week 4 of 100 pushup challenge and started in column one.  I’m not necessarily pushing myself quite as hard on them, but the NTC “shoulder ripper” workout *burns*.  The good news is that I can do 4-1/2 pull-ups with my palms facing in and I’ve almost got 2 with my palms facing out.  Pull-ups are hard!! I’m so proud that I’ve gotten strong enough to do them.

Want to hear some awesome news? My brother and his girlfriend are going to do Tough Mudder! Unfortunately they can’t make Saturday, so they will be participating on Sunday.  I’m so excited for them!  It’s amusing though.  When we were talking about it yesterday, he said the part that makes him the most nervous is the 10 miles.  I’m quite positive that the 10 miles is going to be hard, but I can handle the physical drain of the run/hike, it’s the obstacles that I will have mental blocks with.  I will succeed though.  I’m determined to get that bright orange headband and wear it with pride!!

I’ve been sucking on water intake and mix that with crazy weather and my allergies flaring and I’m not feeling all that fabulous.  I aim to rectify the situation this week.  Especially if I’m going to be working on lack of sleep and a few extra drinks this weekend while in Baltimore.  And as sad as this is, I didn’t even aim for the 5 fruits and veggies a day.  I get 3-4 on average every day, and I just didn’t have it in me to make the effort to specifically count.

With regards to the Mantras? I have been doing *A LOT* of “just breathing” over my days.  I’ve been fairly successful given the craziness of life lately.

So here’s to this week being successful in following my goals.  That means I’m going to be accomplishing some NTC workouts from the hotel and dropping and doing my pushups in the middle of sessions on Saturday.  Just warning you!


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May Your Way – Checkin #2

May Your Way Challenge
Wow. Why do these weeks just seem to be flying by? It amazes me and scares me the older I get.  But I had a decent week.  So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

1.  My runs? They are happening.  Just like they should.  I ran Thursday on the treadmill.  I had planned 5 miles for Saturday but my middle girl was making her first communion mixed with spontaneous company for the weekend, so I decided to take ChristieO up on her “Try (tri) it Thursday” and did my 5 miles on Friday morning before the normal date with the pool during my oldest girl’s swim lesson.  I swam 400 meters.  And it was hard after that 5 miles.  That 5 miles in the sun and warmth.  That 5 miles where I got 3 phone calls from my family (who knew I was running) which made me stop because they never call when I’m on a run.  They weren’t important calls, but I stopped and took them.  I ran Monday doing an awesome speed work drill of 3×800 m and averaged a 7:30 mm pace!!  So proud of that one.  I also ran 4 miles yesterday.  I’m sorta being a stickler on my runs right now.  I will be on the road for almost 5 weeks starting on June 5th and I know I won’t be running regularly (which makes me sad), so I’m trying to really push myself now so I won’t regress too far when I start running consistently in July.

2.  Pushups and NTC abs and arm burners.  Check and check.  And my arms? They are lookin’ good! When I was dropping my gymnast off on Monday, I decided I’d try a pullup.  I don’t remember trying a pullup since elementary school.  I did 3.  Yesterday I did 4.  Woot!  Tough Mudder here I come!!

3.  Road trip training.  I think I have found a couple good cross training type workouts on NTC that would be good for the road.  Lots of cardio and strength.  I picked two.  One is called “Get Strong-Beginner-Full Action” and the other “Get Strong-Intermediate-Drill Sergeant”.  I’m putting them down here so hopfully I remember which ones I thought would be good.  I’m still going to be doing pushups, but while on the road I’m going to aim for 30 pushups a day.

4.  I haven’t signed up for the Bizz Johnson half marathon that I talked about last week.  There’s been a lot going on lately and I just haven’t had a chance to discuss it with T.  Maybe this week.

I did not achieve or come close to the 64 ounces of water a day, but I did get to hop on the twitter “Happy Hour” last Thursday night during Big Bang Theory.  And I did the same thing with the Sister Chat on the hood Monday night.  I did participate in the Tworkout last night, but the only one who “saw” me was April.  Twitter was being a b**** on my phone and I wasn’t home, so I texted with April and did the exercises anyway.

Also? I haven’t checked in at the hood on the “30 minutes every day in May” but I’ve been keeping up with it.  Between my runs and the 30 minutes of NTC on the off days, I’m there.  I’m tired, but I’m there.

I hope everyone had a good week.  I’m sorry I haven’t been blog hopping.  I apologize.  Family life has been pretty crazy lately and I’ve barely had time to get my posts done.  But I love you all and keep on keeping on!!  You can do this! You are worth the effort to be a healthier you!


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May Your (my) Way – Check in #1

May Your Way Challenge

Yay for the first check-in!!  It’s only been a couple of days but I have to say I’m meeting my goals and boy are my arms tired! No really!  Between the pushups and the NTC arms and the Tworkout last night, I’m hurting! But it’s a good hurt.  Though it does make me scared for doing my NTC workouts for today…which is the only thing I have on tap in the way of exercise.

In regards to my goals.

1. I have one run under my belt for the week and two more planned.

2. I’ve been working on the pushups and the NTC arm burner – and my arms burn.  IJS.

3.  I’ve been looking through the workouts on NTC to see what would be best, but I haven’t yet had the time to sit down with my travel schedule and see how it’s all going to play out.  Also? Please say a little prayer that my work doesn’t get my account up and running on the internet.  If they do, I will be working while on the road, and I’m worried about getting those couple of hours in amongst all the driving and fun and exercising I will have to be doing.  (Then again, we could use the money, so I’m so conflicted about this work thing!)

4.  I’m rethinking doing the wine country half marathon that I mentioned before.  That would include travel and money isn’t growing on trees.  I know there’s a relatively local one that’s sort of a trail run and I’ve heard it’s really pretty.  I need to find the name of that one and look into it.

I did join the group on the Hood that is going for 30 minutes of exercise for every day this month.  So far, so good.  I also participated in the first 15 minutes or so of the Sisterhood Chat on Monday and the Tworkout last night.  I’m hoping to tweet a bit with Happy Hour tomorrow night.  But they scheduled it during The Big Bang Theory.  Which is the only show I watch, and I live in the 1990s and don’t have a DVR in order to record.  So I’ll probably be around during commercials between 8-8:30.

Oh! I almost forgot! Water! I’ve been doing really well on water.  Though 64 is a lot of water for me.  If I drink that much for more than a day or two, I start to dry out as I’m flushing too much water through my system.  I’m going to aim for 48 of actual water.

Can’t wait to check in next week! Hopefully I’ll be past the soreness and moving on to getting stronger.


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