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Checking In – Tapering

Well here I am.  Less than a week until my next race.  It’s bizarre to think about that the last race I was prepping for was Disney.  That my non-existent long run of 12 miles almost three weeks ago was rarely a number I ran for my long runs in training for 26.2; they were all much longer.  I have been running some awesome times on my shorter runs.  I’m really hoping (but not counting on) my race day excitement to pull me through.  I’d love to PR this race, but I’m not sure it’s possible.  And I’m not being a downer, just a realist.  The fabulous part of this race?  Friday night Beki and Ashley are showing up at my house.  So, so, so excited about that.

I’ve been doing my pushups.  I made it to column 3 of week 5 and I’m dying. But in a good way.  I’m debating what kind of strength training I’m going to be doing come Monday.  That Tough Mudder isn’t going to train itself.  Well, actually, I think it does, but it’s not going to train me and make me able to run those 10 miles in the mountains and get myself through all of those obstacles without  my hard work.

My food lately has been okay.  I’m just not hungry.  I know I should eat, and I am eating, but I’m not eating that much.  Which doesn’t bode well for my carb loading for race prep.

There will be a race report.  There will probably be lots of pictures.  There will be fun and laughter.  Can.not.wait.


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