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Tough Mudder is when?

Nine days.  In nine days I will be hiking up the side of a mountain climbing, crawling, jogging, being dragged over 12-foot walls, jumping off a platform into water, diving under barrels, and some mystery obstacle we won’t know about until the day of.  I remember when T first brought this to my attention and I thought he was insane.  And now? Now I feel as ready as ever.  I’m not scared or worried.  I’m mildly nervous about the boa constrictor obstacle – confined space and water.  Not my ideal situation, but I know I’ll tough mudder through it all.  And end up with my fabulous orange headband and wear it proudly on Tough Mudder Monday.

The only part that sorta bothers me the fact of how many people are participating.  We got our “get ready” email yesterday.  There are so many people now that they have pushed up the start time from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m.  There will be waves of 600 people every 20  minutes.  That blows my mind.  I totally understand how they recommend being able to run 5-6 miles before the event even though the courses are between 10-12 miles each.  You are not continuously moving through the course.  There will be lots of stopping and waiting to get through the obstacles.  I probably glossed over this fact in the beginning my research.  But I do know that TM petitioned Squaw Valley to add 15,000 extra people to this 2-day event.

But I’m ready.  I’m ready to have my ass kicked and have very sore muscles the next day.  I’m debating seeing if my parents will watch the kids the next morning so we can go up and watch my brother and his group run it on Sunday.  I’d love to see it from the spectators perspective too.

And you want to hear the even crazier part? The Tough Mudder tattoo? They’ve changed their process.  Now? If you donate $70 to the Wounded Warrior Project you can get a the Tough Mudder tattoo AND a free entry into one of the upcoming TM events.  (I sorta want to be even more bad ass and two!)  But I didn’t say that.  Really.

I also have this little half marathon on Sunday.  You know the one I’ve barely trained for.  The one I signed up for because I couldn’t fathom only having completed one half marathon this year.  It’s in Reno.  The girls will spend the night with my parents on Saturday so I can get up and figure out where I’m going on my own.  I have no real expectations for this race.  I’d like to not have my worst time.  I can’t fathom that I will.  It will be cool and relatively flat.  I doubt I’ll PR it but 2:10 or under would be fabulous in my mind.  I’ll let you know next week.

My eating hasn’t been fantastic.  Stress will do that to you.  But I haven’t been eating crap.  Just not enough overall.  But I promise it’s not horrible.  I just know I’m not fueling as well as I should be.

But in 4 days I will be running 13.1 again.  And in just over 9 days I will become a Tough Mudder!!


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