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Final week of Springing In2 Action

Spring In2 Action

Man, where did this six weeks go?  I’d say I’m gonna miss having Bari as my partner, but I know we still have each other’s back no matter if we are officially partners or not.  (Did you see her guest post over at the Sisterhood? No? You should go read it.  She’s pretty awesome.)

So on to how I did this past week.

  1. Running 3-4 days a week.  I did pretty well.  I did lose a mile on my Thursday run because I thought I only had to run 2 miles but really my schedule said 3.  I only realized this after I was off the treadmill and had eaten.  Ooops.  I still haven’t had a great run yet.  I’m waiting patiently…or not so patiently.  But I’m waiting nonetheless.  There is only 3 weeks before the next half!
  2. Nike Training Club – Uhm.  Can we not talk about this one?
  3. 100 Pushup Challenge – I was surprised at myself in week 6.  Day 1 was hard because there weren’t that many sets and I couldn’t complete the two largest sets.  After day 1 the app asked me if I wanted to repeat week 5 or continue.  I said continue, and I was able to complete day 2.  Day 3 was awesomely hard, but I did all but the last 5 on the last set – for a total of 240 pushups.  FROM MY TOES, people.  Seriously.  That’s a huge ego boost for my little wimpy arms.  I’m slated to do my final test today.  I’ll get back to you on what number I max out on.
  4. Water intake – I’m doing fairly well  here.  Probably not drinking quite as much as I should, but definitely getting in a decent amount every day.

All in all, I’d call this is challenge a success.  If nothing else I’ve continued to train without breaking myself (knocking on wood as we speak) and I’ve succeeded in pushing myself to really get my pushups done.

I’m excited to see what the next challenge the Sisterhood has in store for us.  (And hopefully it will include us non-losers too!)


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