Foam Fest 5k

I feel like I’m slacking with these race reports! Life has been crazy busy lately but I saw on facebook a month or so ago that there was a mud-ish run called FoamFest that was being held in Reno. I thought it looked kinda fun but realized that it was happening on a weekend that I have the girls. I was contemplating pawning them off on my parents but then realized they had a kids race! I asked the girls if they were interested and I mostly got a warm reaction. I thought it would be something fun for us all to do and the time of the kid race was at 11 and I could still do the 5k. I asked my parents if they would accompany us so they could hang with the girls while I ran the 5k. They happily agreed.

As in standard Nevada fashion on the day that we were to get wet. Outside. It was about 55 degrees at 11 am when the kid race was set to begin. And the wind was blowing. Had there been no wind, it would have been ok.

The race was fun though. I was proud of the girls. There was only a little bit of complaining about wet, squishy shoes.

I handed my dad my phone and asked if he would take some pictures. Now I love my dad but he still has a flip phone that he uses as…get this…a phone! :). So giving him directions on how to use my Eyephone was a bit humorous. But he got a couple good ones.

This was the last “obstacle”. A big, foamy, slip and slide. I think my 9yo (in the pink) enjoyed the final jump.

Here we all are at the end. Cold and shivering. But I’m so proud of my girls. It wasn’t a hard course…even for them…but it was definitely out of their norm and comfort zone.

Afterwards my parents took the girls back to the truck to get into dry clothes while I waited around shivering for my 5k wave to start. I wasnt sure how hard the obstacles were on the 5k course but was figuring it would take me about 45 minutes to get through everything. After Tough Mudder, this was easy. I jogged. And ran. And even walked up a couple of steep areas. So when I crossed the finish line and the clock said 27:xx, I couldn’t decide if they started us earlier than expected or the course was short. I couldn’t fathom that I just completed a 5k with obstacles in that time. Who knows if it was accurate. Though I think it’s time to get a waterproof watch to run with.

All things considering it was fun. I enjoyed the time with the girls and that was the point.

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