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I haven’t really been a slacker.  Life has been crazy since the beginning of the year.  I am not running as often as I would like.  I’ve barely been squeaking in two runs a week.  But I have worked back up to 6 miles.  So there is that.  I’ve been debating signing up for the Reno half that I’ve done the past two years in May.  If I don’t? This will be my first year in 2009 that I haven’t earned a medal.  And that makes me extremely sad.  I like bling.  A lot.  So I will probably sign up for it.  I will not run it to PR.  But just to get back into the swing of things.  Give me something to focus on.  I’ve been meaning to look at what my long runs would look like between now and then.  I think if I put it down on paper, then I’ll be more apt to push a little bit harder.  I ran 6 miles yesterday and my heart wasn’t in it.  I contemplated doing 8, but because I don’t *need* to run 8, I wussed out and didn’t push myself.  My body could have handled it, but mentally I need the push of a training plan.  I also want to look at the calendar and see how far back I want to start training for Goofy.  Yes, I’m still planning on running Goofy in January 2013.  I want those medals.  🙂  Told you.  Bling whore.  Love me some bling.

But…in the meantime, I got roped into, conned into, something…”The New Rules of Lifting for Women”.  Yeah. Me.  Lifting weights.  But I’m doing it with a group of awesomeness and we are all blogging it here.

It’s going to be crazy, but I think it will work well with my 2-3 runs a week since I’m not pushing hard on my runs away.  I just want to keep my cardio and slowly work on my endurance.  Also wondering how the weights will help my runs or if I’ll feel it being a hindrance.  Only time will tell.  It’s a 6-month plan, so if I stick with it, we should be done by the end of August and I think that’s when Goofy training will be kicking in.

So that’s my update here.  I may or may not be posting here in addition to over there, but only time will tell.  🙂

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