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I’m here

and running.  Consistently.  Carefully.  I’m up to 3 miles.  I’ve run outside twice and the last time left my ankle tired and a bit sore.  So I continue to be careful.  I’ve been meaning to write here, but my life is in transition and I haven’t felt like writing here.  So I haven’t.  But it’s now 2012….holy shit.  I’m hopeful that in a year I will be getting ready to journey to Orlando for my battle with Goofy (13.1 on Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday).  A lot will happen over the next 12 months.  Many miles.  Hopefully many races.  The only two I know for sure will be the half marathon in Reno in May and I’m planning on having a do-over with Tough Mudder NorCal in September…and then there will be Goofy training which will hopefully dominate my fall.  I’m planning on being part of FitBloggin’12 in September.  That was an amazing experience and I hope to repeat it and have it be better and more amazing than last year.

Tomorrow begins getting back to my Tough Mudder training.  I miss how my body functioned when it was in that shape.  I think I’ve got Bari, Ashley, and Erin on board.  There may be more, but I’m drawing a blank.  I’ve also restarted the 100 pushups app and am just finishing week 2.  I look forward to getting back the level of fitness I had when I stepped onto the Tough Mudder course back in September.

These are my 2012 goals.  To get back into my routines.  Enjoy pushing my boundaries in a safe and healthy way.  Accomplish new feats and enjoy the journey.


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