The Broken Chronicles – Week 4

19 Oct

I’ve had this cast on now for 4 weeks.  It seems to have flown by, which I’m so thankful for.  Tomorrow afternoon I head back in to the orthopedist and have the cast taken off.  I’m assuming that they will take more x-rays to see how I’m healing.  I’m *praying* that I’ve healed the right amount to be rid of the cast and crutches.  I know I won’t be getting an all clear to start exercising yet, but just to get rid of the crutches would be huge.  Especially since I have a quick trip planned to Vegas this weekend, and I am not looking to hobble around Vegas like I did Chicago.

Yesterday was the first day I really felt like I missed running.  Maybe this injury was a break I needed, but now that I actually miss my runs, it’s even harder to sit and do nothing.  I have to make a point to get my NTC abs workout done today.  It helps my lower back and glute pain I’ve having from lots of sitting.  I’m also ready to sweat.  Training for Tough Mudder was amazing for my sweat glands.  I was always drenched at the end and it felt amazing.

Water intake. I’ve been sorely lacking in this department and my body has been yelling at me about it.  I’d fill my water bottle and then the 5yo would end up drinking it, and I’d be too lazy to hobble back to the sink to fill it up again.  No more.  Yesterday I drank 72 ounces of water.  I will accomplish at least that again today…after I finish my coffee.

Being broken is hard, but I will get back on the proverbial horse soon enough and then? Look out!

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