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The Broken (but healing w/progress) Chronicles – The Boot

I didn’t post yesterday as is my norm to do a check-in on Wednesdays.  This week has been a bit crazy.  So last Thursday I hobbled into the orthopedist’s office praying that I had healed enough to get out of the cast and off the crutches.  After all I was headed to Vegas for the weekend and I did *not* want to hobble around Vegas.  Hobbling through Chicago was bad enough.  When they cut the cast off I was surprised to still see so much swelling and bruising.

 This is what happens when you break your ankle and then hike up hills and down hills for 8+ miles. So repeat my Tough Mudder experience at your own risk.

As of today most of the bruising is either gone or on it’s way to being gone along with the swelling.  The muscle on the outside of my leg is still pretty sore, but every day it seems to be getting better.  The advice I was given was wear the boot for two weeks.  If it is still hurting at two weeks, keep wearing the boot until it doesn’t hurt anymore and come back to see him in a month.  I know I didn’t tear anything, but my ankle is still pretty stiff and sore.  Last night as I crawled into bed, I caught my toes on the sheet and torqued my ankle.  OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! I had memories of the pain of coming down the mountain on September 17th.  I’m trying to be realistic with my recovery.  I’m not going to be running in November, most likely.  When I walked into his office in September and he told me no surgery, my request was to be running by the first of the year.  He said, “no problem”.  Which made my mind think…well maybe come December….

I’m not holding my breath.  But, I am hoping to be taking some nice easy jogs in the next 4-6 weeks.  I miss running.  I need a good soul-cleansing run.  I was out in the garage last night to shut the window (because it was in the 20s this morning) and I actually petted my treadmill and stared at her longingly.  Oh, how I miss spending on hour on her. (That’s what she said.)  Sick and twisted? Maybe.  But this is the longest stretch of not running I’ve done since 2007.

My goal? To be back in shape by the end of February.  Build my muscles back up.  Get my cardio and lungs back into the groove.  For Tough Mudder I was in the best shape of my life.  I want to go back.  I felt strong and amazing to know what my body could accomplish.  And anyway, I want to get some races scheduled and that will include another Tough Mudder next year.

I’ve been surprised how little I had missed my workouts in the beginning.  I didn’t start craving them until last week.  But now that it feels so close, I just want to get out there and sweat.  To drip from exertion.  To sweat out all the daily stressors of life.  Until then I will be push-upping and pull-upping and working my core.  So until next week…

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The Broken Chronicles – Week 4

I’ve had this cast on now for 4 weeks.  It seems to have flown by, which I’m so thankful for.  Tomorrow afternoon I head back in to the orthopedist and have the cast taken off.  I’m assuming that they will take more x-rays to see how I’m healing.  I’m *praying* that I’ve healed the right amount to be rid of the cast and crutches.  I know I won’t be getting an all clear to start exercising yet, but just to get rid of the crutches would be huge.  Especially since I have a quick trip planned to Vegas this weekend, and I am not looking to hobble around Vegas like I did Chicago.

Yesterday was the first day I really felt like I missed running.  Maybe this injury was a break I needed, but now that I actually miss my runs, it’s even harder to sit and do nothing.  I have to make a point to get my NTC abs workout done today.  It helps my lower back and glute pain I’ve having from lots of sitting.  I’m also ready to sweat.  Training for Tough Mudder was amazing for my sweat glands.  I was always drenched at the end and it felt amazing.

Water intake. I’ve been sorely lacking in this department and my body has been yelling at me about it.  I’d fill my water bottle and then the 5yo would end up drinking it, and I’d be too lazy to hobble back to the sink to fill it up again.  No more.  Yesterday I drank 72 ounces of water.  I will accomplish at least that again today…after I finish my coffee.

Being broken is hard, but I will get back on the proverbial horse soon enough and then? Look out!

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The Broken Chronicles 2

This last week has been rough. Emotionally.  I didn’t get the workouts in that I wanted to.  But Monday and Tuesday I did get my NTC ab workout in along with throwing in the first test of the 100 pushup challenge again. I need to get on that for today.  I also have been trying to make the pull-up bar my bitch.  Not sure if I’m succeeding.  I did get up to 7 chin-ups yesterday and 5 pull-ups.  So there’s that.  I feel like a lazy slug and that all my awesome hard work over the past 3 months is just wasting away.  I know.  I know.  You’ll tell me, “But Kirsten, you have a broken ankle in a cast.  You can’t workout like you used to.”  I miss it.  I miss the drenching sweat of intervals on the treadmill.  I’m crossing my fingers that my ankle will be healed enough next Thursday that the cast comes off and the boot goes on.  Not that I want the boot, but the boot means no more crutches.  I’m over the crutches.  Especially when I had the fun task of trying to figure out how to get the trash out last night and get the cans to the curb.  Yes, I forgot to have one of the kids do it before they all went to bed.  But you know what? I did it.  And I only almost fell over once.  I call that success.

I am still planning on completing The Sisterhood’s Run the Hood.  I will not be doing the 10K though.  In talking with Melissa, she said I could transfer to the 1-mile fun run.  I was looking forward to getting my 10K done in Vegas when I’m there in a week and a half.  I’m going to have to cope with the fact that I will log a mile at some point walking around Vegas that day.  It’s disappointing to say the least.  But what’s a broken runner to do?

My eating has picked up and I’m back on track with making (literally) healthier options and my budget has drastically changed so Starbucks mocha fraps are no longer the mainstay of my diet.  Three squares a day.

This next week will have continued core work via the ab workout, pushups and pull-ups.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


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The Broken Chronicals

Checking in for the week here.  I’m trying to remember the last week.  Heh.  That doesn’t bode well.  I, once again, haven’t done much.  I’m going to make it a goal to get my NTC ab workout done daily.  And add in some pushups and pullups at the end.  I feel like I’m wasting away.  Plus my back has been killing me from all the hunched crutching going on.  I have 15 days to go until the cast comes off.  My brother actually asked me if he could take it off for me.  He wants to take a Skilsaw to my leg.  Uhm…bro? I love you and all, but I’m not keen on the idea of you and power tools coming at me.

My eating has been sporadic.  Monday I had zero appetite and didn’t eat much throughout the day but had a great dinner of brown rice and salmon.  So there’s that.  I even had seconds.  Life has been very stressful lately and in the next week it’s only going to get more so.  Not an excuse but it’s my reality.  The good news is that I have zero junk in the house, so at least if I get hungry there is only healthy stuff in the house.  Though I asked Twitter the other day if it was okay if I lived off of Starbucks Mocha Fraps.  I had a couple yeses.  So maybe I should just go there.  🙂  I mean the grande size has to have about 500 calories in it, right?  And without exercising, that’s close to half of what I need in a day.

I’m looking forward to my first run.  I might even be dreaming about it.  How’s that for addicted?  I need to get a new pair of shoes in anticipation.  Though I have some time.  At a minimum a month.  Hopefully a maximum of 6 weeks.  That puts me at the end of November.  *chomping at the bit*.  Let’s hear it for healing bones!!

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