Burst Into Summer – August 24

24 Aug

One week left of this challenge from The Sisterhood. It began way back while I was halfway through #insaneroadtrip. I loved doing the bootcamp which transitioned into the Tough Mudder workout. I’ve been kicking ass at it. Today? I did it twice back to back. (Though if I am being completely honest, I only did half of the intervals the second time through. It was *hard*!). You can read about the 11.4-mile hike along the Tahoe Rim Trail last Saturday. I did that in lieu of a 12-mile training run for my half marathon on September 11th. I was a wonderfully happy, filthy mess.

The mini-challenge of taking a few deep breaths before getting out of bed was done most days. Life has continued to be crazy so I’ve done a *ton* of deep breathing throughout the day. My 2 oldest even started school on Monday. A traditional school. This is their first time in that environment and they’ve been *tired* at the end of the day. And last night there was more deep breathing due to an exhaustion meltdown.

This week? What are my goals? Hmmmm. I will run 12 miles on Saturday. I’m debating if I will get my Tough Mudder workout done on Friday. The little one had a swim lesson in the morning and then I have an appointment midday. I’m not sure how 12 miles will feel early Saturday morning after an afternoon workout on Friday.

Overall I think I’ve been successful this challenge. I exercised a couple times a week through my 5-week long road trip. And been mostly consistent with my workouts since then. One more week to go. And then I will give a proper overview of the last 11 weeks.

Run The 'Hood

Also? Have you signed up for Run the ‘Hood to yet? There is a 1-mile, 5k and 10k. I’m even going to do the 10k while I’m in Vegas for Barb’s birthday weekend.  No excuses.

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