Burst into Summer – August 3

03 Aug

Burst Into Summer Challenge
I’m having a great week in the world of exercise.  This past week brought Bari to my house where we were good influences on each other and didn’t slack off on a workout on Wednesday.  I did the Tough Mudder workout again and it kicked my ass again.  But I like a good exercise ass-kicking.  Bootcamp really made me like the strength stuff.  I guess I always needed a plan and never had one.  The Tough Mudder website says that at least once before the event you should do their workout twice – back to back.  That? Scares me.  I’m *beat* after once through.  But I figure I’ll get it done by the end of this month and then promptly need resuscitation.  I’ll make sure I’m not working out at home alone so if I die, someone can call for help.  I’m only partially kidding.

I did miss the ToughMudder workout on Friday but that’s because I had an awesome run with Bari.  In looking back at my long runs over the past few months, I realized that I haven’t run over 6 miles since my half marathon back on May 2nd.  Huh.  That kinda freaked me out.  But on Friday morning Bari and I got up early and went out for an 8 mile run.  We did it at a leisurely pace and I really enjoyed it.  This weekend I’m not sure how I’m getting my long run done.  T has drill, so that probably means a treadmill run, but I’m not sure I have it in me at this point to spend an hour plus on the treadmill.

Did I mention that I signed up for a half marathon on September 11th?  Yep.  Just a local one (which = inexpensive) but they have medals so I’m happy.  Have I mentioned I like medals?  I do.  I like having something tangible and bling-ish to show for my hard work.

For the mini-challenge this week.  I have no issues getting my dairy in.  I always have a big bowl of cereal every morning and a big glass of milk with dinner.  There is usually something else throughout the day.  On workout days I have a protein shake made with milk.  This week’s challenge of no ice cream will be easy.  I like ice cream but lately it’s sounded to heavy.  Though now that I say that I will probably have a craving for it.

I will go ahead and put it out there that my birthday is next Monday.  I will be having cake…to be specific chocolate cake.  And I will enjoy it immensely.

I’m hoping you all had a good week and got your exercise on and challenged yourselves to stick with the plan and not let the little voice win out.

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