Burst into Summer – July 27

27 Jul

What a week it’s been! I finished out last Friday with bootcamp and it kicked my butt, but I loved it. Saturday morning I got up and ran one mile uphill to the start of a trail and ran about 3 miles on the trail. It was hard. There was definitely more hiking than running in parts. I had an increase in elevation of 860ish feet and an average per mile rate of 15+ m/m. But it was hard and I’m happy with it. Sunday was a rest day.

Monday since The Sisterhood *ahem* didn’t post the week 6 bootcamp workout, I downloaded the Tough Mudder workout – which is essentially bootcamp x5. It was *hard*. It consisted of 1:1 of bursts for 30 minutes. I did it for 20. And then 16 different strength moves that are to be done for one full minute each – as many as you can in one minute. I put on my timer on my phone and did then all in just under 19 minutes. My glutes are *sore*. Yesterday I took a day off and didn’t run because Bari came to visit and I got to pick her up at the airport!

On the mini challenge I drank no soda. Though I usually don’t but of course because it was a forbidden fruit this week, I was craving a Coke. I held out. I was strong.

I think I’m doing really well. I feel stronger in my arms and legs. My core is getting tighter. I love what bootcamp has done for me.

Thanks Christy for getting it all put together for is. You pretty much rawk…but we all already knew that.

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