Burst Into Summer

29 Jun

Burst Into Summer Challenge
I am doing my best to keep bursting. It’s hard on this road trip, yo. I did manage to get all my bootcamps in last week with the last one without the 10-minutes of cardio in it. We were in a tiny hotel and no real place to walk or run. But I did get it done. Most of this week I’m hanging at Bari’s house. I did not get bootcamp done Monday as I was working on about 4 hours of sleep followed by a 10+ hour car ride with the kids. But I got it done on Tuesday. ‘Cuz I rock like that. It helps to have Bari here cheering me on.

We also went out for a run last night with the local running group. We did 4 miles and the last mile I took off and pushed hard. It was awesome. I needed to feel the push. I needed to be out of breath and almost hurt. I finished the last mile in 8:25. Afterwards we came home and did bootcamp. I slept amazing last night. Also? I was a bit discouraged when I looked on Daily Mile and saw that in the last 4 weeks I’ve run 16 miles. 😦 *sigh*. That should be a week’s mileage not a month. That will change when I get home. Bari told me that maybe I really just needed the break. And she’s probably right but it’s a little depressing looking at the numbers.

I rawked the mini-challenge of eating breakfast. I like breakfast. I need breakfast. I haven’t been drinking quite as much water as I should, but I have made it a goal to change that cycle this week.

I will admit that this week’s mini challenge of fruits an veggies will be hard for me but I will make more of an effort.

I have nine more days of this road trip. I have had so much fun, and there is still more fun to be had but I am looking forward to making the trek back in the direction of home.

How’d you do this week?

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