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Burst Into Summer

Burst Into Summer Challenge
I am doing my best to keep bursting. It’s hard on this road trip, yo. I did manage to get all my bootcamps in last week with the last one without the 10-minutes of cardio in it. We were in a tiny hotel and no real place to walk or run. But I did get it done. Most of this week I’m hanging at Bari’s house. I did not get bootcamp done Monday as I was working on about 4 hours of sleep followed by a 10+ hour car ride with the kids. But I got it done on Tuesday. ‘Cuz I rock like that. It helps to have Bari here cheering me on.

We also went out for a run last night with the local running group. We did 4 miles and the last mile I took off and pushed hard. It was awesome. I needed to feel the push. I needed to be out of breath and almost hurt. I finished the last mile in 8:25. Afterwards we came home and did bootcamp. I slept amazing last night. Also? I was a bit discouraged when I looked on Daily Mile and saw that in the last 4 weeks I’ve run 16 miles. ūüė¶ *sigh*. That should be a week’s mileage not a month. That will change when I get home. Bari told me that maybe I really just needed the break. And she’s probably right but it’s a little depressing looking at the numbers.

I rawked the mini-challenge of eating breakfast. I like breakfast. I need breakfast. I haven’t been drinking quite as much water as I should, but I have made it a goal to change that cycle this week.

I will admit that this week’s mini challenge of fruits an veggies will be hard for me but I will make more of an effort.

I have nine more days of this road trip. I have had so much fun, and there is still more fun to be had but I am looking forward to making the trek back in the direction of home.

How’d you do this week?

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Burstin’ into Summer

Is that what this is called? I can’t remember and I’m on my phone. ūüôā

This week in the world of #insaneroadtrip and the new challenge has been pretty good. I ran on Monday morning and it wasn’t the greatest run but I got in 2.5 miles. And then I was reminded that bootcamp started Monday. Ugh. So that afternoon I changed my clothes again and went out for another mile, then the bursts and then the rest of the cycle. It was hard but manageable for me. I was tired at the end. And needed another shower. Today’s bootcamp was done on the beach as #insaneroadtrip has brought us to Fenwick Island, Delaware. Here was my view.

I ran my warmup barefoot and on the sand. My calves might have yelled at me but I enjoyed being barefoot. My legs are sore from all the squats in this week’s circuit but I will take it.

I did really well with my water this week. I don’t have a specific number as most of it was drank from my Camelbak, but it was more than I had been drinking.

Next week’s challenge of eating breakfast will not be an issue for me as I need breakfast otherwise I’m a grouch.

My goal for running this next week is a run Saturday morning in Charleston and hopefully Bari and I can sneak a run in next Wednesday. Right now I’m good with running what I am. Bootcamp is providing more cardio and I’m happy with that.

I also have been keeping up with my pushups and my NTC. Though today is the day for that. So I will be getting on that in another hour or so.

So here’s to another week of #insaneroadtrip and this challenge.

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Burstin’ Into Summer

Burst Into Summer Challenge

New Challenge alert!! ¬†I am so excited about this next challenge. ¬†The Sisterhood keeps outdoing themselves. ¬†I have been working hard the last few months to build up my upper body strength in prep for Tough Mudder. ¬†And what does The Sisterhood come up with? Bootcamp. ¬†Love it. ¬†I’m so excited about it. ¬†The only thing I wish is that I wasn’t going to be on the road for the first 3 weeks.

It’s been rough the last 10 days trying to get my exercises in. ¬†I’ve been doing pretty well overall given I’ve drive over 2500 miles since June 5th with three kids in the car. ¬†(Yes, I’m tooting my own horn. ¬†It deserves tooting.) ¬†I’ve ran twice, I’ve done 5 sets of pushups, NTC abs 4 times, and NTC shoulders twice. ¬†Not as good as I would like, but definitely better than I would have done without Tough Mudder on the horizon.

My run this morning was actually pretty fabulous. ¬†I was at Lisa’s place in Austin and she showed me where a good trail was, so I got up at 5:15 to get ready. ¬†Unfortunately I was sharing a room with two kids and was worried my alarm going off would wake them up. ¬†So I woke up essentially every hour on the hour between 11 and 5. ¬†Needless to say my 7-hour car ride to Louisiana took a couple cups of coffee and a ZipFizz.

But back to this new challenge. ¬†I wanted to be on a team and I think I have a pretty good team. ¬†There’s Jessica, Kristy, ¬†Laura, Tirah. ¬†I’m excited to be on this team.


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Weekly check-in

Nope. The latest challenge at the Sisterhood hasn’t begun yet but there is a new one starting next week, so head over there and sign up ( There are going to be teams and boot camp style workouts. This Tough Mudder in training needs all the help she can get.

But this last week has been crazy. Right now I’m typing you from day 4 of my #Insaneroadtrip in Albuquerque, NM. My runs haven’t been consistent but I did get an awesome trail run in last Saturday and I got up at the crack of dawn in Phoenix this morning and went for a 3.4 mile run with Tiffany before getting on the road.

I have been basically staying on top of my pushups and NTC. Have I mentioned it’s hot down here in the southwest compared to what we had been having in Northern Nevada.

So my plan for this next week is to not die on at least a couple miles of running at Christy’s place either Saturday or Sunday morning. I will also continue with my pushups and either NTC or being tortured by Christy in the name of Tough Mudder. More on that next week.

So that’s how my week has gone. Don’t forget to head over to the Sisterhood and sign up for the next challenge. They are always fun and definitely limit-pushing.

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Trail Running

Last weekend my middle girl had a swim meet. She did well and I am so proud of her. But that’s not the point of this story. The point is that I ran into a fellow runner who leads a local trail running club. He invited me out for a 9-mile trail run on Memorial Day…which I flaked on. I wanted to. But the comfort of sleep won over. I did get on his email list though. There are basically runs scheduled every Saturday morning. I had originally scheduled myself for an 8-mile run today. I know I’m not going to get many runs and definitely not any long runs done while on #insaneroadtrip, so I was thinking one last hurrah before it begins.

I’m not sure if you know about trail running. It usually involves hills. And around these parts the hills can be steep. I live at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Trail run if has always intimidated me because it’s harder to get faster. The point of trail running isn’t about fast. It’s about enjoying the journey.

I committed to myself before heading out this morning that I would do the approximately 4.9-mike run that was an option for this morning. I say an option because there are so many trails that break off of one major trail head.

I figured that if I was going to be in a car for 8 hours tomorrow I didn’t want to push myself and up hurting from being immobile.

So I get up this morning, grumbling a little bit and nervous. I’m not a show up and meet new people kind of girl. It definitely out of my comfort zone. And when I found the trail head? There were about 30 people – mostly women in pink. And my heart may have stopped. Ack! Public. New people. Not sure where I’m supposed to be. Ack!

And then I put on my big girl pants and figured worst case scenario I’d run the trail for a couple miles and turn around and go back. No big deal.

I ended up finding Steve (the guy I met at the pool) and there were quite a few other people running/walking anywhere 2 miles to 20.

And off we went. Elevation is a big factor. Even though I run here normally, it’s quite hilly near the foothills (duh) and I was feeling it in my lungs. My legs felt good.

And guess what? I didn’t die. I did, however walk up a really steep hill. And I am 100% okay with that. Trail running is a different beast than road running.

After my turnaround point I stopped to take a few pictures. Have I mentioned how much I love living here? Because I do. The beauty astonished me daily.

No blue skies today but the wind and the temperature were perfect. Okay. Maybe the wind was a bit blustery in parts but once I was going, it felt good.

Here is me seconds after turning runkeeper off.

You know how people talk about a runner’s high? The last time I remember having one was on a 10-mile run last fall in the beginning of my training for Disney. MONTHS ago. Today? Today I was giddy. Today gave me confidence that I need to do more trail runs in anticipation of Tough Mudder. Today’s run was amazing. And I can’t wait until I get back from #insaneroadtrip so I can do it again.

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The End…

May Your Way Challenge

Well, of May Your Way, anyway. ¬†I’m not going anywhere. ¬†Well maybe on the Crazy Train as I’m 4 days out from my #insaneroadtrip with three girls and 7000+ miles in 5 weeks. ¬†But wait. ¬†That doesn’t have much to do with May Your Way.

So this last week was not stellar. ¬†Unless you count me hitting 6 pullups on the pullup bar. ¬†Doing a total of 15 one-arm pushups during the #tworkout. ¬†Oh wait. ¬†Maybe I didn’t do so bad after all.

I’ve slacked a bit on the pushups. ¬†I haven’t been maintaining the MWF pattern, but I have been doing them. ¬†I just retook the test between week 5 and 6 – 40 pushups last night and that was AFTER the #tworkout.

My running has taken a bit of a hit this week. ¬†I didn’t get my “long” run done this weekend and my normal Tuesday run didn’t happen. ¬†I have excuses. ¬†Life. ¬†When you’re a procrastinator and the weather makes it feel like it’s March, it’s a tough realization that I’m leaving home for five weeks with three kids and I’ve barely done anything to prep. ¬†So yesterday was shopping for essentials. ¬†I will get my run in today, especially since it’s National Running Day and I can’t *not* run today.

I have been kicking ass at NTC. ¬†I’m just saying. ¬†I took this picture the other day because I wanted to see what my shoulders looked like from the back ala Brooke. ¬†(Excuse the grainy phone pictures)

I’m placing all the blame on my continuation with the Hundred Pushups Challenge. ¬†I’ve never had upper arm muscles. ¬†I’m pretty much shouting it from the rooftops. ¬†I haven’t planned out my travel schedule of working out yet, but I know I’ll get a handful of runs in and then I will be doing NTC on the days I’m not driving. ¬†So, I need my hookers that I’m staying with to kick my ass if I try and slack off. ¬†Even if I have to do it with booze in hand. ¬†Okay? Can I count on your for that?

All in all, I think this challenge has been a success for me. ¬†I’ve continued with my running (albeit this last week a little weakly), NTC, pushups and planning.

As always I’m looking forward to whatever challenge The Sisterhood has for us next.


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