Weekly check in

20 Apr

Yes. I’m just now getting around to this. It’s been a crazy week. But I’ve maintained my running. I had a pretty good long run last Saturday. Ten miles. The same 10 miles I had done two weeks prior. I was 2 minutes faster this time. If I could mentally overcome whatever block I have to just keep running I would be so much faster. But at this point I’m happy with running and not hurting. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and mostly succeeding but I’ve been so hungry lately and nothing sounds good. I hate that feeling. It’s good I keep the junk out of the house otherwise I might eat only crap. Though that’s not necessarily true anymore. Last Friday T and I went to a movie. We shared a popcorn and a coke. I’m not sure the last time I had a coke. I really only drank it because movie popcorn is salty, yo.

On Monday I started back with my pushups. The app gave me the option of starting back at week 4 so that’s what I did. I’m making an effort to get lower to the ground and also maintain whatever break in between sets that is predetermined. It’s hard all over again.

My next half is in a week and s half. Beki and Ashley are driving out and we are running it together! So excited! Though I’m not sure we are going to stick together throughout the race, we will be there at the beginning together and then again at the finish line.

Once that half is over I need to start figuring out what my Tough Mudder workout is going to be. My running will probably decrease a bit but I okay with that. I need to focus on my upper body strength to prep for this challenge. I’ve been watching all the videos on YouTube from the most recent races. No matter how hard it looks, I’m so excited about it.

So how was your week?

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One response to “Weekly check in

  1. AnnG

    April 20, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    sounds like you had a great week and an awesome run!


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