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I’m So Excited!

We are currently getting our second winter storm in the last two weeks! Yay!!  I love winter!  (Aside from the fact that this means I get to run 8 miles on the treadmill tomorrow.)

But that’s not really why I’m excited and blogging here.  I’m excited because The Sisterhood announced the next challenge.  We get to team up for a dynamic duo.  I like having a teammate.  It mixes up the whole exercise thing.  Sorta like having a partner in crime, but instead of committing crimes, we get to be there to call each other names when we don’t follow through on our goals.  It’s like having your very own drill sergeant – but you actually *like* this drill sergeant.  And my drill sergeant is going to be Bari.  We’ve named our little duo the “Buff Brazen Bunnies”.  ‘Cuz we are hawt enough to be all three!

The Spring Into Action challenge will run from March 2nd through April 13th.  The main fitness challenge is going to be the 100 pushups challenge.  I did this on my own last year and made it through to being able to do close to 80 pushups at the end, but I sorta wussed out after that.  Though, in my defense, I was doing boy pushups, so they were extra hard.

And guess who is sponsoring this challenge? The one and only BornFit.  If you haven’t checked out their stuff, you should.  I have one of their Wilder running skirts and I luff it a lot.

So if you’re so inclined, come join us!


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Power of One – The End

Wow. Can you believe that it’s been 8 whole weeks since we started this little introspective journey of the new year?  What have I learned?  Well, I made some goals.  I’ve hit a new stride in my running.  (No pun intended…well maybe I did intend it.)  What’s the new stride I speak of?  It’s me finding my way back to the zen of training on a treadmill.  It’s finding my focus and desire to get back into the mindset needed to do the majority of my runs on my trusty treadmill.  Because, really, I have no excuse for not getting 4-7 miles done on the treadmill.  I proved that not only can I run 26.2, I can complete 20 miles on that treadmill.  It’s treated me well over the last 8 years.

I’ve also embraced this month the down time that I needed mentally as well as physically after training for Disney.  I was burned out.  I was scared that I wouldn’t find my zen in running again.  Because my first 3-mile run outside after Disney was *hard*, yo.

But here I am.  Running.  Which is truly what I love.  I also participated in the Tworkout last night.  I’ve missed the camaraderie of it on Tuesday evenings.  Of doing exercises that I don’t normally do.  Of usually hurting in the morning because I don’t usually do exercises like that.

So what is my plan for the next month?  To keep up with my training.  Convince myself to do 2 workouts a week using the Nike Training Club app.  (I’ve totally been slacking at this lately.)  And to consume more water despite my crazy schedule and excess coffee at odd hours that I’ve been drinking.

I look forward to the next challenge from The Sisterhood.  Thanks ladies! You guys run an awesome show over there!
Power of One Challenge


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Week 7 – Power of One

Power of One Challenge

This week has been pretty awesome actually. Friday? I got new shoes. I love them. They are so comfy. I ran 7 miles on the treadmill last Saturday and I felt good about it. I was definitely tired but I did it.

I was also excited for Friday evening because that was the night of the Shrinking Olympics award ceremony. I ended up with 5 medals! Here’s the breakdown:
Half-marathon relay – Gold.
Planks – Bronze – tied with Ryan.
4-mile relay – Silver
1 mile dash – Bronze
and the one that I still cannot believe
500 m swim – GOLD.

This amazes me because I am not a swimmer. Well, I take that back. I’m a backstroker. My face? Does not go in the water. I never figured out breathing and even though T tells me I should take some swimming lessons and learn how, I have no desire to. So instead, I backstroke. But I never thought I’d medal here. Heck, the only reason I did it was because it happened to fall on the day that I’m usually at the pool for my oldest’s swim lesson.

On the food front I haven’t been nearly as good. Saturday night I made cinnamon rolls. We’ve been going to church Saturday afternoons, much to the chagrin of my kids, because there are no donuts after the 4 pm mass. Only Sunday mornings. So I told them I’d make some cinnamon rolls. Two full pans were gone by Monday evening. I ate more than my fair share and damn they were yummy. But this is why I don’t put this stuff in my house…because I’ll eat it. And then we went out for an early Valentine’s family dinner on Sunday and I ate a bunch of yummy Mexican food along with an amazingly potent margarita. I’m now recovering from all the crap I ingested over the weekend.

This next week I’m just planning on sticking to my training plan I have made for myself and pick back up on my water intake.


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Disney World Marathon – in pictures

Again, I have to give a shout out to the ladies who made this possible.  Barb and Karena you’re awesome.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you.  It still makes me a little teary thinking about how quickly you both jumped at my half-joking plea.  Smooches to you both!


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My Disney Journey

Ended here.

And what an amazing journey it was.

(I am going to attempt to put the race pictures in order and post at least the ones with the characters.

Cuz those are just fun.)


Pictures courtesy of Barb and Karena! Thanks ladies, so much.

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Power of One – Week 6

Power of One Challenge
Let’s see if I can remember this past week! It was a crazy one.  And the only way to find out what I did was by going to Daily Mile.  Have you been to Daily Mile? If not, you totally should.  (Though I think most of my peeps reading this are on daily mile.  If you’re not, get started! It tells you how many donuts you’ve burned. If that’s not awesome, I’m not sure what is.)

I participated in the Shrinking Olympics, which was fun last year and I was so excited that they brought it back.  I did the 3-mile Wii hula hooping, the 1/2-mary relay, the 500 m swim, and the plank hold.  I was quite happy with all of my times – though I know that I got whooped on most of these.  But I don’t mind.  I gave it 100% and that’s what the Shrinking Olympics are all about.

Here’s my confession (yes, I should have posted this yesterday, but I usually don’t do the confession posts), I still don’t have new running shoes.  *ducking heavy things being thrown in my direction*  It didn’t seem the battle I wanted to wage on Sunday.  But soon.

I did also go for a 6-mile run on Saturday which felt pretty crappy for the first couple of miles.  There was walking involved.  And then I took a caffeinated gel, and the second half didn’t seem so hard.  I might have a “problem”.  I’m going to blame it 100% on marathon training.  I got in the habit of fueling early and on schedule during my long runs because I never wanted to “hit the wall”.  And now? The person who used to go for a 60-90 minute run without water, she now needs a gel at mile 2-1/2 to complete 6 miles.  But as I’m sitting here typing this out and feel like I’m coming down with something (I’m not getting the plague.  I’m not getting the plague.), I know today is a run day and I want to get on my treadmill and do it.  Which makes my brain happy.

Another confession.  I haven’t been making my daily 1 mile.  Today should be day 21 of 100.  I am at just over 28 miles over those last 21 days.  So maybe instead of focusing on a mile a day, I’ll just shoot for 100 miles in 100 days.  Which shouldn’t be a problem as I’m starting my training for my half marathon in May.  So am I failing? Sorta.  But not really.


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Power of One – Week 5

Power of One Challenge

Dang.  This week was not necessarily what I wanted.  I didn’t get to the Wii, but I did do three workouts using the Nike Training Club app.  My abs are sore, but I’m determined to work on my core and make the abs and my lower back stronger to better support me when I get back to running.  I did much better with staying on top of eating regularly and getting my water intake.  I also have stayed on top of the 100 miles in 100 days challenge.  Technically I’ve got more than 1 mile per day so far, but I’m making sure I get in a mile a day regardless of what else I may do.  It’s that whole moving and making my muscles work  Which is what I took the challenge to be about.

And now enter my whine.  Sunday my oldest had a gymnastics meet.  Which just so happened to be across the way from the Nike Outlet.  So I went in to try on shoes.  I *really* wanted to get a pair that were very comfy and relatively cheap (only $60), but with trying to be frugal and the gymnast having two meets in March (that I’m supposed to be coming up with $100 for each one, like now), I didn’t buy them.  And it’s killing me.  A lot.  I’ve always been able to justify the cost of running shoes in the past, but now? I’m having trouble doing it for myself.  I know we technically don’t have the cash right now given what we need to fork over for the kids, but I hate being this selfless.  I miss running so much.  And putting on those shoes and running around the store with no  It made me sad to walk out of the store without them.  *sigh*  I effing hate being a responsible adult sometimes.

Anyway.  So plan for this week is to keep up with my at least a mile a day, get an actual run in and have it not hurt (say tomorrow for the half-mary relay), and do 2-3 workouts with the NTC app.  (Total random thought: NTC in my other life as the wife of an Active Duty guy training with the Army means National Training Center.  Nike Training Club needs a better acronym.  IJS)

And I’m participating in The Shrinking Olympics.  Here’s my lineup:

Tuesday: 1 mile run

Wednesday: 3-minute hula hoop on the Wii

Thursday: 1/2 marathon relay with Brooke, Bari, and Ashley

Friday: 500 m swim

Sunday: Plank hold.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I also started reading ChiRunning.  I think ChristieO mentioned it at one point in time last fall.  I’ve been meaning to read it and just found a gift card to Borders, so I downloaded it to my phone and have been reading it while getting my mile in on the treadmill.  I’m hopeful that it in combination with my knowledge about barefoot running will help me get to a point where I am having fewer injuries – especially in my ankles and feet, where I’ve been plagued with problems since the end of my training for San Diego last year.

So here’s the concept of “knowledge is power”.


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