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Power of One

Power of One Challenge
What, you may ask, is the “Power of One?”  That “one” is you, me, your brother’s sister (ha! that’s you too!).  It consists of whoever is interested in grabbing 2011 by the horns and showing it that you are ready to make healthy changes and, for many over at The Sisterhood, shed some pounds in the process.

This Power of One challenge at The Sisterhood is all about focusing on yourself, both physically and mentally in order to reach your fitness/health goals.  It runs from today through February 23rd.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these because in the last year I’ve done major things.  I’ve run 4 half marathons and by the first week of 2011 I will have completed my first full marathon.  Those accomplishments are huge.  Part of me wonders where I go from here.  Training for a full marathon is 100% consuming because of the amount of hours that you need to log on your feet.  So I’ve really been thinking about what I want to accomplish this next year.

This week’s challenge is to formulate some goals.  So here are mine:

  • Take a break from running for the month of January after Disney.  I’m not committing to not running at all; that is probably asking too much.  But I want to really let my body heal from the 9-10 months of training I have done in 2010.  I will definitely be taking off a week and then maybe incorporate a short run or two a week.
  • In the mean time I will be swimming once a week, working on strength training with EASports Active (got it for Christmas!).
  • For Christmas my mom bought me two sessions with a physical therapist who focuses on helping athletes strengthen their core in an attempt to prevent injury.  I want to get this scheduled for January.
  • I will stop buying crappy food.  The holidays have brought it into the house and I’ve indulged.  That’s not a bad thing, but sugar and I don’t get along very well anymore.  I feel so much better when I’m not snacking on junk.
  • The races I’m planning on running this year are: Reno Rockin’ River Half-marathon in May.  My name will be tossed into the lottery for Nike Women’s Half-marathon again. I will plan on a 5K or two and a 10K or two.
  • I’d like to make it a goal to run one full marathon a year.  Life next year has the possibility of making that difficult to accomplish, but if life is status quo, I may aim for one in the Bay Area.  (And I guess technically Disney will be in 2011, so that one is “technically” covered – though 99% of my training will be done in 2010.)
  • This is more a personal non-fitness goal, but I want to spend the time with my 5yo working with her on reading.  She’s not close to reading now, but I know she could be and she’d like to.  So making the time to work with her is important to me.

So what are you goals for 2011?


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My 2nd 20 and Holiday Hoedown Wrap-Up

This is a bit late due to a trip to Idaho to pick up this year’s half a cow.

So here’s the run down.  My week was fairly good.  It could have been better if I wasn’t still fighting my hip and ankle.  Because of the hip and ankle, I didn’t run Thursday’s scheduled 6 miles.  Would have liked to, but I feared that if I did there was no way I would have been able to complete the 20 I had scheduled for Saturday.  So I didn’t.  I did see the chiropractor and by Friday I was feeling at about 80%.  Which, all things considering I had been feeling about 50%, 80% was pretty good!

The weather had been iffy all week.  Lots of snow and cold and rain was supposed to be hitting us Friday through Sunday.  I sighed a lot on Twitter about it.  I didn’t want to run in slippery weather.  I didn’t want to run in rainy weather.  I contemplated wearing a trash bag to keep me dry.  I live in the desert.  It doesn’t rain all that much and it’s out of the norm for it to rain in December.  So I started seriously contemplating the treadmill.  At least in the morning for maybe half of the 20.  Then chauffeur kids around and then hopefully the weather would start behaving and I could do the last 10 outside.  Yep, I could do that.

Until I heard that we were going to be having 70 mph wind gusts Saturday afternoon.

Humph.  I might fly away in a 70 mph gust of wind.  And then I definitely wouldn’t have made it to Disney.  Although, the wind was blowing to the east.  Maybe if I hit it just right….Christie, I’m coming in for a landing!!

But alas, I got up later than I had planned and got in 8 miles on the treadmill before 9 am.  Took a 90-minute break for mom duties, and then hopped back on the treadmill.  I’m not gonna lie.  My ankle was hurting.  I wanted to cry.  I walked a lot of that last 12 miles.  But in walking, I had my peeps on twitter entertaining me with random funnies.  I might be putting them on speed dial on January 9th if I’m still having ouch issues.  Because the last 5 miles was hard.  And then I miscalculated and thought I only had 2.5 miles to go and then I questioned my math skills and realized I still had 3.5 to go.  I was hot and sweaty and starving.  (Man, I have *got* to figure out something that will keep my stomach from growling!)

I’m so happy that I had my previous 20-miler done.  Because I would have been hard pressed to add another 6.2  miles to Saturday’s run.  The first 20-miler, I knew I could do it.

But I did it.  I completed a second 20-mile run.  That still blows my mind to think about.  And I did it on a treadmill.  That’s almost as hardcore as running 20 miles in the snow (which is what the first one was).

Honestly I don’t remember what my goals were this week.  It was such a blur.  But I’m going to say that I’m proud of where I’m at.  I exercised for 4 hours and 38 minutes.  For a total of 278 minutes.

And on that note, I’m going to say thanks to my team – The Healthy Holiday Hos – you’re awesome, and I’m going to leave you with this picture.


10 fingers and 10 toes = 20 miles!!

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May 2010.  One month before the Rock-N-Roll San Diego half marathon.  Ankle hurting.  Insert rest period + ice + ibuprofen.

September 2010.  One month before Nike Women’s Marathon (half).  Other ankle hurting.  Insert lighter training, ice + ibuprofen.

December 2010 – One month before DisneyWorld Marathon.  Ankle & hip hurting.  Insert lighter training + ice + ibuprofen.

I don’t like this pattern.  I’m trying to figure it out so maybe during training for whatever race I do next,  I won’t have this problem.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  My consolation?  I’ve always been able to successfully complete the races despite being hurt less than a month until race day.

This time it feels harder though.  I know not to push myself.  If I do, I’ll only make things worse.  I actually choked up a little at my chiropractor’s office yesterday.  I told him that I was supposed to do a 6-mile tempo run today.  But I was having second thoughts about it.  Mentally I need this 20-miler I’m planning on doing Saturday.  I was scared/nervous that if I completed the 6 miles that I might be hurting too much to get the 20 done.  His response? If you’re hesitating, then don’t do it.  Take the break.

I love this guy, though.  He’s awesome.  He has never once said “you shouldn’t run”.  He has only encouraged and given me tools to use in order to make me a stronger, better runner.  I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have in my training if it weren’t for him and his fancy healing machines.

So I’m taking a break today. I’m planning on plugging the Wii in and doing some Wii Fit.  I need to move.  I need to keep my strength up, literally.  I *know* if I’m not hurting I will complete the 26.2 relatively easily.  (It won’t be easy, but I’ve trained for it and can do it. Not hurting would just make it more enjoyable.)

Right now I’m trying to keep my thoughts in a happy place.  Visualize the healing that needs to happen both physically and mentally so I can accomplish this goal.


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Holiday Hoedown #4

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

This week has almost been a bust.  I’m still having some ankle/hip issues that are being dealt with.  So I altered my long run last weekend and cut it in half.  I also had a very full schedule which prevented me from really getting in any extra time.  I wish I could count stretching minutes, because I spend at least 30 minutes a day doing *that*.

I’m predicting this next week will not be fabulous either. I’m debating on my 6-miler tomorrow because I’m planning on 20 miles for Saturday.  Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I will be out of town and not able to get any runs in let alone actual exercise.  Unless it snows a bunch in Idaho and I have dig out my truck.  *please say no*

So this week I logged 205 exercise minutes (boo! for woundedness).  I didn’t try anything exercise new, but I did successfully manage to not get stressed out over my extremely full weekend and enjoyed it.  I’ve been drinking a decent amount of water.  Probably not quite meeting my quota, but getting awfully close every day.

I’m hoping all my Healthy Holiday Ho’s had a great week!


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Holiday Hoedown #3

Holiday Hoedown Challenge
Wow, what a week it’s been.  I’ve been a slacker…sort of.  I was supposed to do 6 miles of a tempo run on Thursday…which turned into just under 4.  I was starting to feel my hip while I was running.  I didn’t want to push myself so I couldn’t accomplish my long run over the weekend.  Because of this ache in my hip, I didn’t get around to doing the tworkout from last week.  But I got my miles in my 18-mile long run on Sunday.  Which was not what I was hoping it was.

First off, I *always* run with a piece of gum in my mouth.  It keeps my mouth not feeling pasty.  I can’t constantly drink otherwise I get a side cramp, so gum works nicely.  I forgot my gum, but I wasn’t about to turn around and head home for it.  I figured I’d just get it on my second lap.  My legs felt tired for the first few miles.  I was having trouble finding my groove.  Not to mention I hit along my route…which means I had to stop every 3/4 of a mile or so.

Then I felt nauseous through the whole run.  Not hungry, but queasy.  I tried having a chew or two and then a gel, but those didn’t help.  It just made it worse.  I was blaming it on the odd time I was running.  I started at just about 1:15 pm.  I’ve fueled for a late afternoon run and a morning run, but I didn’t want to eat something too heavy, so I ate light.  Not sure if it was *too* light or what.

Right foot. Left foot.  Right foot.  Left foot.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Finally get back to the house for a refill on the water bottles…which I didn’t really need because I wasn’t drinking much due to the nausea.  Went potty and, despite wanting to call it quits, headed back out.

Half mile down the road I realized two things.  I forgot the gum, again.  And I forgot to throw a gel into my pouch.  Yay me.  Way to prep, Kirsten.

Since I started training for the 26.2 I’ve been making sure to drink or eat something regularly throughout my runs.  I wanted my body to get used to the intake early on.  I don’t want to hit “the wall” in Orlando.  I must be doing something correctly because on all my long runs so far I haven’t felt depleted.  The stomach has grumbled, but my body still has reserves.

I walked most of the second lap.  I twisted my ankle and it was hurting.  My hip was flaring up and aching each and every time I tried to run.  I debated at a couple different places whether to cut the run short.  But I didn’t want to.  I wasn’t going to push myself with running, but I was going to complete the run.

Here’s what’s interesting to me.  Six months ago I would have pushed myself to run.  Six months ago if you had asked me what my goal for Disney was, I would have said to run the whole 26.2.  Six months ago I would have felt discouraged and mad at myself for not being able to complete my training as designed.

But, here I sit with two 18-mile runs and a 20-mile run under my belt.  If I work hard at being not broken (aka stretch and ice a ton and take it easy) but keep my fitness level relatively up, there is no doubt in my mind that I will complete that 26.2 happily.  Will I run it all? Maybe not.  Am I okay with that? Definitely.  Because Disney will not be my only marathon.  If nothing else, I know this.

I’m truly enjoying the miles.  Even if some of them hurt.

Brooke commented on my post about my 20-miler and asked if I thought I’d still have enough to give another 6.2 miles.  Honestly? Yes.  Would it be easy? Probably not.  But at the end of my first 18 and the 20, I felt like I *could* have kept going…and this was running alone.  On race day? Surrounded by thousands of people, knowing that T would be there and ChristieO and Brooke will be running too? I’ll finish.  I may cry a thousand tears and possibly puke, but I’ll finish.

My totals for the week:

Fitness challenge: 273 minutes of exercise.

Non-fitness challenge: Did I try something new? Does not beating myself up for a run that was not how I pictured it count? Then yes I did.  I did manage to get my water intake in.  I’ve been Nuun-ing and watering quite well.


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Holiday Hoedown #2

Holiday Hoedown Challenge
Checking in this week. It’s been a hard one for me both emotionally and physically.  But also a really good one. I guess that’s life for you. The ups and downs of it all.

So we’ll start with the highs.  Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Good foods and lots of it, but I can’t stuff myself, so I ate until I was content and then made everyone wait for a couple hours before digging into the pie.  No stuffed Kirstens here!  Friday was filled with Black Friday shopping and soup/salad/breaksticks for lunch at Olive Garden.  I wish I could count the 6 hours I spent on my feet shopping Friday because that would have been awesome for my exercise minutes.  But alas, no cheating here.  Saturday was my 20-miler, which as far as running in the mini-blizzard goes, was pretty good.  (We’re still not talking about my phone incident.  Well, okay, I am, but I’m not talking *happily* about it.)  Sunday was a day of rest and catchup before the week and reality hit.

The lows? Stupidly spending 6 hours on my feet shopping on Friday, the day before a long run.  I hydrated but probably not enough.  I need to stay on top of it.  My next three long runs are 18, 20, and 18.  No time for being dehydrated.  I’ve been trying to get my ounces of water in, but I probably only got my 60 required ounces 4 days out of 7.  I didn’t excel in that realm.

But my exercise minutes were pretty good.  They probably could have been better.  They should have had at least another 30 minutes on there, but my legs are still worn out and I just couldn’t get them to do it.  So my total minutes from Wednesday through Tuesday is 309 minutes.  Not too shabby, but next week should be better.  I hope to get both tworkouts done.  (I had to miss last night’s due to a meeting.)


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