28 Nov

I should have the magical new mileage picture of my 20 miles.  But I don’t.  Because today on my run my phone hopped out of the pouch I was carrying it in and I didn’t notice until I was home for my pit stop at mile 10.  I did the second 10 slower because I was constantly scanning the ground and puddles looking for signs of my poor Droid.

When I heard that it was supposed to snow today I was disgruntled.  I didn’t want it to snow.  I wanted to have nice dry ground to run 20 miles on.  So when I woke up this morning hearing the wind howling, I debated whether I was going to head out or postpone until tomorrow.  After making slow progress to getting ready because I hadn’t fully committed to going, I decided to just suck it up and go.  It needed to get done and I might as well get started.

So I donned all the warm running gear I had and headed out.  It was warmer than it was on Thursday for our Turkey Trot but the sun wasn’t out making it feel cold.  And then the snow started to fall or rather I had these HUGE flakes blowing into my eyes.  I could feel them land and melt on my eyeball.  Interesting way to start off a long run.  By about mile 3 I glanced over and there was a guy out running too.  It made me smile because only us crazy runners would be out in the blizzardy weather running.

I walked on and off as I transitioned between sidewalk/road and avoiding slushy puddles, but I felt good overall.  I told myself I could take my gel about halfway through my first lap.  What’s crazy is I think the phone fell out at about mile 3.5.  The gel was in the same pouch and when I got it out, I didn’t even notice that my phone wasn’t there.  Which pisses me off even more.  But I know that if I had noticed it missing I would have backtracked looking for it rather than continue on and I know I wouldn’t have hit 20 miles today.

By about mile 9 it had started to rain and I was wet from the outside in from the rain and inside out from sweating.  It’s amazing to me how I still sweat profusely no matter the temperature.

I spent the second 10-mile lap staring at the ground and scanning looking for my phone.  I was hopeful I’d find it lying in a puddle and then be able to let it hang out in a bucket of rice and it would magically turn back on.  But no such luck.

I made it back home feeling fairly good physically.  I’m hopeful that in 2 weeks my second 20-miler is less complicated.  The only thing that’s sore today is my Achilles.  So I’ll take it.

Look out Disney! Here I come!

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