14 Nov

To say I was nervous about going for my first 18-mile run was an understatement.  I have total 100% faith in my training, but 18 miles is a long way.  On top of it I was going to be running it Friday evening instead of Saturday because I was catching a flight out Saturday midday and wouldn’t have a 3+-hour block of time.

I ended up getting a babysitter because T had places to be in the evening, and I needed to be done by the time dinner was done.  I had planned this run to be two laps of 9 miles.  T was my pit stop on my last 16 mile run bringing me refills for my water bottle, but since he was going to be at work, I decided I could take my pit stop at home.  This worked out perfectly because by the end of my first lap I was freezing in my shorts and tech tee and changed into my new warm running pullover/jacket and my extra warm running hat.  It felt soo good to come out and put on some dry clothes.

To preface this run, Thursday evening I was feeling worn out and like I was getting sick.  A little bit of a scratchy throat too.  Friday morning I woke up feeling not great.  I ended up laying down for about 30 minutes before picking up the 4yo at preschool and then again for an hour that afternoon.  I told myself that I’d do the first 9 and if I felt “good”, I do the second 9.

My babysitter arrived and I hit the road.  Tried to tune into the music and just let the feet keep moving.  I’ve been practicing fueling starting around mile 2-3.  I’m nervous about hitting the wall because I haven’t taken in enough calories during the full 26.2.  So I was sipping on my Nuun and would have a Shot Blok every 20 minutes or so.  At mile 5 I took a gel and was feeling pretty good.  I did knock off about 0.2 of a mile on my first lap because the sun had gone down, I was drenched in sweat, and getting cold.

I stopped my time when I got back to the house to pull on my running pants, throw on my sweatshirt and dry, warm hat.  I was stopped for about 5-7 minutes for this transition.

I also had forgotten to wrap my knee and had been feeling it a little bit in the cold, so I took the time to give it the support it needed and headed back out.  I couldn’t believe that I still felt pretty good, though tired, as I headed out for lap #2.  I was still trying to hydrate and fuel, but found that by mile 12 or so my bowels were starting to gurgle.  I was scared that I would need to actually stop for a potty break.  I didn’t want to do this.  I wanted to keep going.  And keep going I did.

I knew because I took off that 0.2 miles on my first lap that I was going to have add it back in.  I *needed* to see the number hit 18.  I need to see those new big numbers in black and white.  I need my little chart that I can look at with pace and elevation.  I like charts and graphs.

The best, most amazing part of this run was that when I finally was done, I wasn’t *done*.  I still had more to give.  But I came and drank my Carnation Instant Breakfast.   T helped me stretch and my girls helped me with my latest “new mileage picture”.

Waking up Saturday morning I was surprised that I wasn’t sore.  As the day wore on, though, I noticed my knees being achy.  So I’ve been taking it easy and stretching.


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2 responses to “18

  1. Melissa-Shrinking Jeans

    November 15, 2010 at 5:33 am

    HOLY MOLY!!! I am so incredibly proud of you! You rocked that 18! (and looked damn good afterward, too!)

  2. roo

    November 16, 2010 at 8:31 am



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