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I should have the magical new mileage picture of my 20 miles.  But I don’t.  Because today on my run my phone hopped out of the pouch I was carrying it in and I didn’t notice until I was home for my pit stop at mile 10.  I did the second 10 slower because I was constantly scanning the ground and puddles looking for signs of my poor Droid.

When I heard that it was supposed to snow today I was disgruntled.  I didn’t want it to snow.  I wanted to have nice dry ground to run 20 miles on.  So when I woke up this morning hearing the wind howling, I debated whether I was going to head out or postpone until tomorrow.  After making slow progress to getting ready because I hadn’t fully committed to going, I decided to just suck it up and go.  It needed to get done and I might as well get started.

So I donned all the warm running gear I had and headed out.  It was warmer than it was on Thursday for our Turkey Trot but the sun wasn’t out making it feel cold.  And then the snow started to fall or rather I had these HUGE flakes blowing into my eyes.  I could feel them land and melt on my eyeball.  Interesting way to start off a long run.  By about mile 3 I glanced over and there was a guy out running too.  It made me smile because only us crazy runners would be out in the blizzardy weather running.

I walked on and off as I transitioned between sidewalk/road and avoiding slushy puddles, but I felt good overall.  I told myself I could take my gel about halfway through my first lap.  What’s crazy is I think the phone fell out at about mile 3.5.  The gel was in the same pouch and when I got it out, I didn’t even notice that my phone wasn’t there.  Which pisses me off even more.  But I know that if I had noticed it missing I would have backtracked looking for it rather than continue on and I know I wouldn’t have hit 20 miles today.

By about mile 9 it had started to rain and I was wet from the outside in from the rain and inside out from sweating.  It’s amazing to me how I still sweat profusely no matter the temperature.

I spent the second 10-mile lap staring at the ground and scanning looking for my phone.  I was hopeful I’d find it lying in a puddle and then be able to let it hang out in a bucket of rice and it would magically turn back on.  But no such luck.

I made it back home feeling fairly good physically.  I’m hopeful that in 2 weeks my second 20-miler is less complicated.  The only thing that’s sore today is my Achilles.  So I’ll take it.

Look out Disney! Here I come!

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Weekly Check-In #1 – Holiday Hoedown

Holiday Hoedown Challenge


This week has been pretty good overall.  My eating is in check. Even with an 8yo birthday party and subsequent margaritas that left me feeling less than stellar on Sunday.  Saturday before the birthday party I headed out for my long run of 14 miles that turned into a walk of 10 miles.  It had snowed and it was slippery where it was melting but the temps in the shade weren’t above freezing.  I decided to go for time on my feet.  The problem was that two days I went to look at my training schedule and realized that last Saturday’s run was supposed to be 16 miles not 14.  Oops. I’m hoping that doesn’t negatively impact my first 20-miler this weekend.

My water intake hasn’t been stellar, but with this week’s non-fitness challenge of getting drinking all the water you’re supposed to be drinking is a good one.  I need to be hydrated for running in this cold weather.  I still sweat like a pig even in 20-degree weather.

I will continue on with my training.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to join in on the Tworkout next week because I’ve got a meeting to go to.  Bummer. I really miss the Tworkout as part of my weekly to-do list.

So here’s to a week with Thanksgiving, running, friends and family, shopping, and probably not enough sleep!

My exercise minutes for the week was 348 minutes.  Holy crap that’s a lot of minutes! And I totally added wrong and originally came up with 268.  Can I change that on my reporting sheet for SJ?  Dang.


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Holiday Hoedown – Healthy Holiday Hos

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

Guess what!?! I’m finally back at the Sisterhood! Not that I ever really left, but the last challenge was only for *loooosers*, so I couldn’t play along.  I did follow the process and the participants did awesome.

But this challenge allows for those of us either not interested in losing or those more focused on being healthier through this holiday season.  And if some of my fabulous teammates lose a few pounds along the way, awesome.  I’m lucky to be part of Team “Healthy Holiday Hos”.  (Hi, Bari, Tiffany, Jamee, Beki, Lisa, Thea, and Elaine!)

This week’s fitness challenge is to log as many exercise minutes as you can.  And this only includes actual exercise.  Essentially the rule is no sweaty mess at the end, it doesn’t count.  Lucky for me I’m training for the marathon, and I sweat like a pig.  So since I missed the Tworkout last night because I was on a plane, I’m going to do it today. I’m also going to do my speed workout that I didn’t do yesterday morning at my hotel.  So all in all it works in my favor that I was a slug yesterday! Make-up time!!

The non-fitness challenge is to outline my goals for this challenge.  Honestly? I’m looking for the camaraderie that comes with the challenges.  Although, I do want to stay healthy (aka, not sick – which I’m working on right now), not broken (so I can keep up with my marathon training), and eat more healthy than not (which is actually how I try to live each day).

So here’s to racking up some exercise minutes over the next week!


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To say I was nervous about going for my first 18-mile run was an understatement.  I have total 100% faith in my training, but 18 miles is a long way.  On top of it I was going to be running it Friday evening instead of Saturday because I was catching a flight out Saturday midday and wouldn’t have a 3+-hour block of time.

I ended up getting a babysitter because T had places to be in the evening, and I needed to be done by the time dinner was done.  I had planned this run to be two laps of 9 miles.  T was my pit stop on my last 16 mile run bringing me refills for my water bottle, but since he was going to be at work, I decided I could take my pit stop at home.  This worked out perfectly because by the end of my first lap I was freezing in my shorts and tech tee and changed into my new warm running pullover/jacket and my extra warm running hat.  It felt soo good to come out and put on some dry clothes.

To preface this run, Thursday evening I was feeling worn out and like I was getting sick.  A little bit of a scratchy throat too.  Friday morning I woke up feeling not great.  I ended up laying down for about 30 minutes before picking up the 4yo at preschool and then again for an hour that afternoon.  I told myself that I’d do the first 9 and if I felt “good”, I do the second 9.

My babysitter arrived and I hit the road.  Tried to tune into the music and just let the feet keep moving.  I’ve been practicing fueling starting around mile 2-3.  I’m nervous about hitting the wall because I haven’t taken in enough calories during the full 26.2.  So I was sipping on my Nuun and would have a Shot Blok every 20 minutes or so.  At mile 5 I took a gel and was feeling pretty good.  I did knock off about 0.2 of a mile on my first lap because the sun had gone down, I was drenched in sweat, and getting cold.

I stopped my time when I got back to the house to pull on my running pants, throw on my sweatshirt and dry, warm hat.  I was stopped for about 5-7 minutes for this transition.

I also had forgotten to wrap my knee and had been feeling it a little bit in the cold, so I took the time to give it the support it needed and headed back out.  I couldn’t believe that I still felt pretty good, though tired, as I headed out for lap #2.  I was still trying to hydrate and fuel, but found that by mile 12 or so my bowels were starting to gurgle.  I was scared that I would need to actually stop for a potty break.  I didn’t want to do this.  I wanted to keep going.  And keep going I did.

I knew because I took off that 0.2 miles on my first lap that I was going to have add it back in.  I *needed* to see the number hit 18.  I need to see those new big numbers in black and white.  I need my little chart that I can look at with pace and elevation.  I like charts and graphs.

The best, most amazing part of this run was that when I finally was done, I wasn’t *done*.  I still had more to give.  But I came and drank my Carnation Instant Breakfast.   T helped me stretch and my girls helped me with my latest “new mileage picture”.

Waking up Saturday morning I was surprised that I wasn’t sore.  As the day wore on, though, I noticed my knees being achy.  So I’ve been taking it easy and stretching.


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Do me a favor

Go over and sent some love and support to my good friend, ChristieO.  Because next Sunday she’s going to be doing an amazing thing.  She’s going to be participating in her first half-Ironman triathlon.  For those of you who don’t know that’s a total of 70.3 miles.

ChristieO. is the reason I wanted to sign up for the Disney World marathon.  Last spring she sent out a tweet on Twitter.  She and her husband were signing up for races.  One of them being this Miami-Man Half-Ironman and the other the Disney World marathon.  See, her ultimate goal is to successfully complete a full Ironman, and mentally she wanted to complete a full marathon before attempting that huge goal.  She asked if anyone wanted to sign up with her for the marathon.

A year ago after I had completed my first Nike Women’s half marathon, I swore that there was no way I’d want to complete a full marathon because at that point, with my legs throbbing and hurting and stiffness starting to set in, there was no way I could imagine doing an additional 13.1 miles on top of the 13.1 I had just completed.

And then I convinced a group of ladies, however reluctantly, at the Sisterhood to join me in a half marathon through Team in Training.  I marveled at each one of these ladies.  Ladies who had never been runners.  Ladies were willing to push their boundaries and walk/run 13.1 miles…because I thunk it up.  And I watched them complete this goal and I was beyond thrilled.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of their trust that this was possible.

And so when talking with Coach Joe about my goals for this upcoming marathon, I told him that I was nervous (aka scared) because I was at a point where I *knew* I could go out and complete a half marathon.  But I didn’t *know* that I could complete a full marathon.  Because 26.2 is a long ass way, yo.  Seriously.  This town I live in? It’s geographically small.  Next weekend’s long run is 18 miles.  I’m making two laps of 9.  And no matter how nervous it makes me thinking about doing this Friday night – in the cold and dark – I know I’ll do it.

And I know one of my biggest supporters is ChristieO.  She has inspired me to keep going.  She says I inspire her.  I’m proud to call her my friend.  I’m lucky to have her on my side.  I can.not wait to run Disney with her.


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What keeps me going

This training for a marathon business is hard work.  And I’m not talking just the actual miles that are spent running.  It’s trying to fit in HOURS of running every week around an already packed schedule.  I couldn’t do it without the help of T and my parents.  Last weekend I did my first 16 mile run since early September.  As you know I’ve been battling pain and injury since then.  I’ve been seeing an awesome chiropractor who has given me stretching exercise (along with some therapy in office) that have made  a world of difference.  Unfortunately I now know that I can’t not do these things.  I must stretch and roll out my muscles every day if I think I’m going to make it as a runner.  It’s part of who I am as a runner.

On Thursday I had a chat with Coach Joe about revamping my plan.  I originally had an 18-miler on tap, but I knew that there was no way I was going to make that.  So we changed things up a little, slowed down my pace for my goal-paced runs and my long runs and off I went into the land of altered training plans.  The good thing about this plan is that since it started back in July, I still had some wiggle room.  If you are ever looking for a coach – granted he’s in Oregon and so we email and chat periodically on the phone – Joe is awesome.  I always feel reassured that he’s got my back.

Last weekend’s 16 miler, I’m not gonna lie, was hard.  I ended up doing it on Friday as it was a holiday (Nevada Day) and T had the day off.  That meant he could do his long run on Saturday and would free up time on Sunday.  I was a little perturbed that morning because the kids ate all my English muffins so I didn’t have my usual pre-long-run breakfast.  I ended up with oatmeal mixed with yogurt.  Not bad, but I missed my usual.

The run wasn’t bad, but I was DONE by the end of it.  I had nothing left to give.  Which actually felt good when I realized that I had zero pain throughout my run.  I had my normal aches and twinges, but no pain.  That is until about 2 hours later.  And then I stretched the heck out of my legs and the pain went away.  Getting this run done on Friday meant that I had two rest days before I was ‘scheduled’ to do another workout.

Monday was speed work.  I love speed work.  It’s fast, it’s hard, but it’s over pretty quickly.  The plan was for 8 x 400 m at 1:42 with a rest of 1:30 between each interval.  That’s fast, yo.  And actually too fast for me to feel comfortable on the treadmill.  I completed them in 1:47 each; and I’ll take that happily.  The last 400 m was hard and I had to repeatedly tell myself to just keep running.  My legs were tired.  But I’m so glad that I got it done.

In looking at my training plan I have some longer runs during the week – my Tuesday run – that I know I won’t accomplish on the treadmill.  To for instance yesterday’s 8 miler.  After talking with T, I decided that I’m going to get the run in when he gets home from work, or more accurately when I get home from being mommy chauffeur. So I tried my best to get everything ready before I left that afternoon.

My legs still felt a bit tired from the speed work on Monday, so I was a little nervous about hitting my goal pace on this run.  Not to mention I don’t normally run in the evening, so how was I going to do manage my meals when dinner is usually my biggest meal?  I hydrated and tried to eat a nice balance of protein and carbs all day.  I ate a protein bar about an hour before setting out hoping that would be enough.

So at 6:30 off I went into the darkness.  This was the run I was waiting for.  This was the run I *needed*.  I felt like I was flying the first 3 miles.  Granted I was going on a downhill slant for those 3 miles, but they felt good.  I felt strong.  And I hit green lights at all the intersections.  My lucky day!  Then the slight uphill started, but the legs? They were cooperating.  I just kept thinking about how tired they felt after the 16 miles and how relatively awesome they felt now.  I did have to walk for about 1/4 mile around mile 4 because it was dark, no cars were passing me, and I didn’t want to kill myself on curbs or trip on a rock buried underneath fallen leaves on the sidewalk.  I ate a gel at mile 5 and sipped on Cytomax throughout my whole run.

Music was playing in my ears and I was feeling the vibe.

As I turned the final corner, I realized I still had a ton of steam left, so I picked up my pace.  I ended up sprinting the last 1/4-mile or so.  I ended this run with a huge smile on my face, dripping with sweat, and feeling 100% satisfied.

Now comes the real work.  Staying on top of my stretching and rolling so I can build on this strength and endurance I’ve worked so hard for.  So here’s to another week filled of runs that I feel good about.  Because those awesome runs? They are what keep me running.


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