T minus 10 weeks

29 Oct

until the full marathon at Disney World in Orlando.  Holy schnicke! Ten weeks! This started out as a 26-week program designed to whip me into shape.  Well it did.  But it also kicked my ass after whipping me!

Since September 11th I’ve been battling my left knee and hip.  Though the only thing I wish I would have changed is to seek out a recommended chiropractor for sports injuries sooner.  He has helped so much.  (Now I just have to fight with insurance to pay what they are supposed to so I don’t go broke trying to pay him!)

So last weekend was my first “long” run after NWM.  It was 8 miles.  It went pretty well.  I did stop at about mile 3 because I could feel things tightening up in my IT band and I wanted to stretch.  I successfully completed my 8 miles.  But I ended up going close to 10 miles because my route that I had planned included a nice little almost-1-mile warm-up.  Overall I was happy.  I’ve been foam rollering and stretching and icing and Biofreezing.

I spent an hour on the phone with Coach Joe yesterday.  I wanted to alter my training schedule some, but I wanted his input on what I thought I should do.  Essentially he agreed me. I enjoy talking to someone with so much running knowledge.  He’s traversing the globe over the next week.  I’m hoping he has safe, smooth travels.

Instead of an 18-miler this weekend, I had a 16-miler.  I haven’t run 16 miles since September 11th.  I was nervous this morning when I set out.  My hometown is pretty small geographically.  16 miles encompasses most of the circumference of town.

Off I set at 7 am.  It was a little chilly, but once I got started and heated up my core, the only thing cold were my fingers.  But I had a hard time warming up the legs.  My calves weren’t happy until after mile 2.  My knees were cold and creaky feeling until after my pit-stop at mile 8.  T and the girls met me at 8-1/2 miles for a water bottle refill.  It was a nice little few minute break in the middle of the run.

I felt pretty good until I hit mile 14.  My glutes were starting to revolt, but the pain in my knee and hip didn’t return until *after* the run.  I beat my last 16-mile time, which I was hoping for.  I came home, drank an Instant Breakfast, took an ice bath – and then a hot shower followed by more food and lots of foam roller and stretching.

Then? I went to my scheduled massage (my mom gave me a gift certificate for my birthday that I was redeeming).

This running business is expensive! Not only is there gear to buy but the chiropractor visits and I could so get used to have a massage after every long run.  I feel so much better now.  The masseuse told me to take an Epsom salt bath tonight and drink a ton of water to help flush out my body.  I’m looking forward to that bath.

Next week is 14 miles.  14 seems less daunting.  My mind has been warped by this marathon training.  A year ago there was no way I wanted to run further than 13.1.

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