Checking In – Down & Dirty

01 Sep

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans
So I have pretty much failed on all of my goals for this challenge.  I started out fairly well, but have ended in a heap on the floor.  Spending the 30 minutes of quality time with the kids? Does watching a movie count? Does working with them on their school work count? Because then I might have success rate of 50%.  I had 1 date night (home watching a movie w/drink in hand) with the hubs.  And the reading? Well, I might have read 30 minutes once a week instead of the 3-4 times a week I wanted to.

My running has been good in the last week and over this challenge.  I’ve been broken (and seem to be having some IT band issues since yesterday) and better.  I’ve been running the majority of my training runs.  I’m missing my speed work this week because I wasn’t going to do it the day after my first 14-mile run (see the picture in the previous post) and now that my knee is wonky from the IT band, I’m not pushing myself this week.

With that said, I ran 74 miles this month.  Not too shabby.  The next couple of weeks will be a little crazier.  I have company in town this weekend and the following weekend I’ll be traveling to see Tiffany in Idaho and will be running my first 16-miler there.  I’m *really* hoping that the elevation difference will help me.  It’s only half as high there as it is here.

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One response to “Checking In – Down & Dirty

  1. Brooke

    September 1, 2010 at 9:32 am

    would you consider audio books cheating? cause you could get probably a whole book in during a long run.


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