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*waving* Hi.  It feels like it’s been forever since I posted here, but it’s really only been a week.  And you know why? Because my 14-miler that was slated for last Saturday? Turned into a 1.8 mile run plus 3-mile walk.  My hip and knee were acting up and hurting so I stopped.  I haven’t run since.  I accepted that I have the extra time scheduled into my training plan that I couldn’t justify pushing myself.  I’m still hoping that I can make my goal in San Francisco next month.  I want that sooooo much.  But if I break myself trying to get that time, then I might just mess things up for January.  And I’m not willing to do that.  So, I’ve been on a running break.  Unfortunately this means that I’ve essentially been on a cardio break.  With the kids in full swing with school and activities, I don’t have the leeway to go to the gym or the pool.  I’ve been doing planks, lunges, and squats every day.  I’m not sure if part of my hip/knee issues is muscle tightness.  I mean, seriously, I ran 33 miles in a week.  That’s a lot – especially since it was done in 3 runs.

Tomorrow I have an initial consultation with a sports chiropractor.  I’m hoping that he can help me.  My regular chiro had been pretty helpful in realignment, but for some reason whatever he’s doing doesn’t seem to hold, so I’m thinking my tendons are revolting against me.

I’m antsy about running.  It feels like it’s been forever and I’m missing it.  A lot.  So I’m hoping that I get the okay  to run this weekend.  My sanity needs it.

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The fun never stops

So this last week has been a little crazy.  As I stated last week I was still dealing with the gunk.  I ran Thursday on the treadmill – got in 5 miles before I had to give it up.  My iPod had died, so I was stuck trying to be motivated without music.  Ha! That was fun.  But I was busy trying to get organized and pack for our weekend trip to Idaho.  In order to make life on Thursday less crazy, I rescheduled an eye appointment for Sweet Pea and thank goodness Bunco was cancelled, because there were not enough hours on Thursday to get it all done.  But I got the run in.  I got work done.  And, most importantly, I got ready for the road trip.

I was planning on getting my long run in either Saturday or Sunday and I hadn’t quite decided which day would be better.  They day we were going to be spending wandering around the art fair and the zoo in Boise or the day before I had to drive back home.  I opted to go for Saturday before heading into Boise.  So after staying up until 11 pm chatting with Tiffany, being woken up at 3 a.m by two kids who needed more blankets because they were cold, the random alarm in the room I was sleeping in going off at 4 a.m. – when my alarm went off at 5:30 (mind you, this is 4:30 my time), I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed in my never-worn-before Nike running pants and my new long-sleeved shirt from Thriv.  I ate some breakfast and got my gear together.  I was hoping to be on the road by 6:30 knowing that my run was supposed to last 2:40.  It was still pretty dark at 6:30, so I decided to go on my run backwards from what I originally had planned so I would have sidewalks to run on until the sun came up.

Let me tell you, 16 miles is a long way.  My knee and hip were still being weird, but only for the first few minutes of running and then they would feel fine until I had to stop at a light and start again.  The first 8 miles were beautiful.  I felt good.  I was eating and hydrating trying to stay on top of the fatigue.  At 8 miles I took my gel.  I was at 1:21 minutes.  I was right on schedule.  I still felt pretty good through mile 12, though I was starting to feel tired.  I kept running past what I knew were shortcuts and thinking, “mmm, I could just take that and I’d be done sooner.”  But then the smart part of my brain – the not tired part – would reprimand me because if I took a shortcut then I wouldn’t get the miles in.  And I needed to get these miles in!  Because I took my route backwards I had to pass by the turnoff for Tiffany’s house, which probably would have put me at 14 miles, and I almost took it.  But instead I soldiered on.  By the end of mile 14, I stopped and walked.  My knee was starting to hurt and I just wanted a break.  I sent Tiffany a text saying where I was and she responded with “pancakes are ready and waiting for you.”  Ooh, yum!  I was hungry.  I wogged the last 3/4 of a mile and was so happy to be back at the house.  I stretched and rolled my hips and legs out with the foam roller.  I drank a ton of Nuun and water.  Oddly I wasn’t starving by the time I was ready to sit down and eat.  I ate an egg, a couple slices of bacon, and about one big pancake.

This was me after breakfast, pre-shower glory.

My mileage last week was the most I’ve ever logged in one week.  33 miles.

This week I’m hoping to get my three quality runs in.  My long run, a tempo run, and my goal-paced run.  Let’s hear it for training!

And I’ll leave you with a picture that made me think of running in Texas.


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Ready for normal – whatever that means

So this last week has been full of fun.  IT band issues and my new friend the foam roller.  Stress to the max.  Allergies.  Colds courtesy of the littlest and her pre-K germs.  I did most of my goal-paced run on Tuesday on the treadmill.  It was supposed to be 6 miles; I made it to 5.5.  I’ve having some mental blocks lately, and the treadmill is sucking the motivation right out of me.  I had planned on getting on the treadmill for my tempo run on Thursday afternoon, but the body aches kicked in and I took a nap instead.  Friday wasn’t much better.

T and I have planned our schedules so that I do my long run on Saturday and he gets Sunday.  But with how I was feeling, I knew that I wasn’t going to be running 12 miles on Saturday.  Luckily with Monday being a holiday, I was able to get it done then.  But let me tell you, that was the worst run of my life.  I struggled every step of the way.  I walked at least 3 miles of the 12, if not more.  My feet were heavy and even though I was drinking and eating, I just couldn’t find my groove.  I almost stopped at 10.  I have to pass the turn for a 10-mile run when I’m doing my 12-miler and I *almost* took that turn.  But I thought there was no way I was going to make the time I was supposed to, I might as well at least get the time and miles in.  In the last two miles I could feel my left hip.  It had popped out and with every step of running I took I could feel pain in my hip and my knee.  So I walked it.  It took me 2 hours 20 minutes.  I was “supposed” to finish in 1 hour 50 minutes.

I console myself with the fact that I hadn’t eaten enough the previous week and I wasn’t feeling 100%.  This week? I’m vowing to eat better, and I have been.  I have a 16-miler coming up that I will be doing in Idaho.  I’m hoping that it will go well.  Though I’m trying to decide if doing it the day after I spend 7 hours in the car is better than doing it the day after I eat fresh corn dogs and cotton candy.  Decisions, decisions.

So here’s to a better week of runs.  I am hoping to feel good enough to do my 6 miles tomorrow on the treadmill and then run this weekend.  That’s my goal for the week.  Hit my miles.  If I do that, I’ll be happy.


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Checking In – Down & Dirty

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans
So I have pretty much failed on all of my goals for this challenge.  I started out fairly well, but have ended in a heap on the floor.  Spending the 30 minutes of quality time with the kids? Does watching a movie count? Does working with them on their school work count? Because then I might have success rate of 50%.  I had 1 date night (home watching a movie w/drink in hand) with the hubs.  And the reading? Well, I might have read 30 minutes once a week instead of the 3-4 times a week I wanted to.

My running has been good in the last week and over this challenge.  I’ve been broken (and seem to be having some IT band issues since yesterday) and better.  I’ve been running the majority of my training runs.  I’m missing my speed work this week because I wasn’t going to do it the day after my first 14-mile run (see the picture in the previous post) and now that my knee is wonky from the IT band, I’m not pushing myself this week.

With that said, I ran 74 miles this month.  Not too shabby.  The next couple of weeks will be a little crazier.  I have company in town this weekend and the following weekend I’ll be traveling to see Tiffany in Idaho and will be running my first 16-miler there.  I’m *really* hoping that the elevation difference will help me.  It’s only half as high there as it is here.

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