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14 miles


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Weekly Checkin

So let’s see.  The last you heard from me (unless you following me on Daily Mile and/or Twitter), I was broken.  Broken was no fun.   But last Wednesday I got on the treadmill to give the foot a chance.  I was slated for 4 miles and it felt pretty good.  I did start to feel twinges towards the end so I stopped at 3.5.  And then iced and rested some more.  I went into my long run on Saturday knowing I wanted to at least do 8 miles and hopefully 10.  I was nervous, but Saturday morning I got up, had some breakfast and headed out.  The first 5 miles were pretty good, but it was warmer than it had been 2 weeks prior and I felt it in my lungs which ultimately affected my muscles.  I had no pain in my foot at all and I did complete 10 miles, much slower than I wanted to, but I completed it nonetheless.

My goals? Well, let’s see. I’m not accomplishing the kid one.  I’m trying, but there’s been a lot of stress going on in the family with sickness and death, so I’ve been trying to hold it all together in addition to the extra burdens.  (Which I gladly carry, but they are still burdens to carry.)  The reading? Well, I’m reading.  Maybe not hitting the goals of 3-4 times a week, but definitely reading.  And the Saturday before last, T and I had a nice little date night of movie watching and wine drinking which was very lovely.  It was nice to just hang out and relax.

So, I am succeeding.  This weekend’s run will be tough for me – 14 miles, but it will get done!

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


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Checking In

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans
Here I am 5 days post my broken acceptedness.  Coach Joe has assured me that what is going on with my foot is not a stress fracture – unless I’m the first runner in time to have a fracture in the spot where it hurts.  So I’ve continued with the RICE.  I also went and saw my chiropractor on Friday.  He adjusted my ankle and we lasered my foot.  By Saturday morning I had no pain.  I freakin’ love my chiropractor.  And even though the foot was feeling better, I still refrained from doing anything other than some strength and yoga.  Aside from the Tworkout  last night.  I now feel the muscles in my foot are tired but no pain.  I’m going to hop on the treadmill this morning and give it a nice, gentle whirl and see how it goes.  I’m feeling my motivation oozing out and I don’t want to lose it. Hell, in a few weeks I have a 16-mile run I’m supposed to do.  I can’t have oozing motivation and accomplish *that*.

So my goals for the week.  I’ve done okay on the kid-time front.  It’s still hard to get it all in because I almost have to beg to do something with them one-on-one.  T and I had a nice little date night at home on Saturday night.  A movie after the kids went to bed with some popcorn and a glass of STV.  And the reading? Well, let’s just say it hasn’t been going as planned.  There’s been reading but probably only about an hour in the last week.  I’m going to try harder this week.


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Yesterday broke me.  Literally and figuratively.  The last four weeks has brought me more power, more strength, and more energy in my running.  My legs feel strong.  Heck my whole body has felt stronger than it has in a long time.  My workouts may have kicked my butts during, but not once have I felt sore and achy like I pushed *too* hard afterwards.  Which is why I asked Coach Joe to work with me on my pace times.  It’s been a fantastic feeling pushing myself to my limits.  Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I reached my limits.  You know that wonky foot? Yeah, well, I have a sneaking suspicion that I have a stress fracture in it.  I’m not going to see the doctor.  There’s nothing he will tell me that I don’t already know.  The treatment? Rest until I have no pain.

In my world that “R” word is the nastiest of four letter words.  It is infuriating to know that my muscles are ready and willing – hell, my mind is ready and willing, and then my foot decides it’s had enough.

I’m trying to find the silver lining.   And I’ve found one, and I’m hanging onto it like a life raft – it’s early in my training.  I have time to heal and time to still be on track for both my half in October and the full in January.

Were there tears yesterday? Yes.  Did my sweet T sit down and talk with me about it even though I didn’t want to take about my foot? Yes.  He asked me why I wanted to do this whole training thing.  See, he’s been a runner for 12 years.  He is in good shape and can go out and run at any point in time w/no training.  He’s strong mentally.  Me? Well, I’ve learned I thrive on having a training plan to follow.  I love being able to look at the plan and checkmark workouts as being done and knowing that I went out there and gave it my all.  I love pushing myself running – even when I don’t.  I love that’s it’s for me.  I love that for once in my life I want to be better at something.  I’ve always been okay with putting in my time and getting it done.  But in the past year I’ve realized that I want to be my best at something for me. My life revolves around my family and friends.  I’ve a giver, people!  Running is for me.  Yes, there are side benefits like my girls see me running and exercising.  They see me making time for it. This is important for them to be witness as my daughters.

When I have a crappy run, it’s great to hear from my friends that I banked it.  But honestly? I already knew that.  Same goes for the awesome runs.  Running is 100% all me in the mental category.  I can make or break it for myself; usually ending up on the side of making it.

But the “R” word is hard to handle.


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Checking In

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

This is last week has had its highs and lows.  The highs include things like Coach Joe’s updated speed workouts kicking my butt.  Seriously.  So much so that he revamped my pace goals, again.  Have I mentioned how thankful I am to have Coach Joe on my side?  Because he totally rocks.  One of my speed workouts was a 2 x1200 m w/3 minute rest with a pace of 5:06.  I kept going back to my training plan and looking at that number.  Five-oh-six.  Seriously? It had me shaking in mah boots.  But, you know what?  When I got to the track, there was another runner guy there who chatted me up.  I told him what my goal was for the day and how I didn’t think I could make those times.  His response? “Well, even if you don’t hit those times, you’ll still get a good workout.”  He was a very wise man.  I gave it my all and turned out with the first set at 5:30 and the second set at 6:00.  My lungs felt like they were going to burst…and then my summer allergies hit full force.  Running full force sucks in that much more pollen and crap in the air.  I had a 12-miler scheduled for Saturday morning.  With T being out of town, my parents took the kids to their house for a sleepover so I could get up at the butt-crack of dawn and spend 2 hours running.  5 am came very early, but I dragged my butt out of bed, ate a light breakfast, drank a little coffee and headed out the door.  Aside from a pit-stop around mile 3 at McDonalds (not for food, silly!), I ran the whole way.  No walking.  No little voice in my head telling me how tired my muscles were.  I just…ran.  And it was awesome.  These are the runs I look forward to.  I just turned off the brain, tuned into the music, enjoyed the cool, fresh morning air on my skin and ran.

And then when I woke up Sunday morning my wonky foot actually *hurt*.  Crap.  I’ve been icing and Arnica-ing 2-3 times a day since.  Odd enough it doesn’t hurt when I’m running or in my running shoes.  But this has lead me to an abbreviated running schedule this week.  I’ve done some yoga and strength.  I did the #Tworkout last night with the Sisterhood.  The foot still feels sore, but Coach Joe said it’s probably just because I’m running faster and harder.  My new mantra is holding “Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional”.  I’m choosing to not be miserable and to “enjoy the miles.”  Today I’m planning on lacing up and hitting the treadmill for 6 miles.  I’m only going to get one speed workout in this week, but I’m okay with that.

The food for the week? Still pretty good, aside from the fact that Sunday was my birthday and there was (and still is) cake.  But I’ve been controlling the urge to pinch off bites every time I go into the fridge and only having a small piece after dinner.  Water intake is still good.

Have I met my goals this week? My best one has been time with the kids.  I haven’t managed 30 minutes a day for each, but I have managed 30 minutes a day for at least 2 kids (and not the same two every day).  I’m hoping T and I will get to go out this weekend.  The reading for 30 minutes a day 3-4 days a week has been a big fat fail.  But to my credit T was out of town last week and I stayed up late working just about every night last week.

Bottom line: My running is going well (even if slightly wounded).  My goals are half-assed but I’m doing my best.


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Another week and more miles

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

So Thea and I the 2 members of the non-losers team for this challenge.  We’ve been having a hard time coming up with how to participate in this challenge.  I’m not shredding, but that’s because my half/full marathon training schedule is so intense (see below).  I have been doing some fairly regular pushups and planks for some upper body work.  Also? The pantry raid/pantry purge that is our monthly project?  Since I don’t have a ton of storage space (aka I don’t have a pantry) mixed with being fairly boring and routine with our meals, we don’t have things that need purging.  Yes, I do have that package of mushrooms in my fridge that I need to do something with before they die and hence I’m going to make spaghetti sauce either today or tomorrow.  This has been a hard thing.  So Thea suggested I focus on more emotional aspects of a healthier life.  With that, I came up with this list.

  • Spend 30 minutes a day with each kid doing something with them that they choose.
  • Plan 1-2 date nights with the husband
  • Read a book for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week.

I’m happy to report that I completed the first one on the list yesterday.  T is out of town this week, but I’m hoping we will be able to do something the following weekend together.  And because T has been out of town, I haven’t been getting to bed until after midnight the last couple nights, so no reading for me.  I think everyone will be happier in the house if I reach these goals this month.  And hopefully they will carry over into September after school starts and life gets even crazier.  Though I may have to shoot for something like 30 minutes 3-4 days a week with each kid.  Not being a detractor, just being realistic.

So on to the last week of exercise.

In the last week I probably made my stupidest exercise decision ever.  I emailed Coach Joe and said I think I can farther or faster, what do you think?  He said faster.  Ugh.  I reached out after my speed work on Thursday.  I was supposed to run 4 x 400m with a pace of 1:55.  I’m horrible about pacing.  I ran the first 400 m in 1:37.  I slowed myself down and did the remaining 3 laps between 1:40, 1:45, and 1:50 respectively.  So, yes, I didn’t maintain the 1;37 every time, but I was trying to slow down to get closer to 1:55.  Now don’t hate me.  I know I have this problem.  I’ve paced myself before, but I’ve never tried to aim for a certain pace.  This is *really* hard.  Last week’s long run was originally 8 miles at 9:33.  Coach Joe said to knock off 10 seconds per mile.  Okay.  I can do that.  My pace is not consistent at all.  I ranged between 8:30 and 9:40 throughout those 8 miles for an overall pace of 9:20.   When I got home and was logging in at Daily Mile, I noticed I an had an email from Coach.  He had knocked my 8 mile pace time down to 9:10.  Mmm. could I have sped up that much more? I’m not sure.   He also took away my tempo workout for the next few weeks and added some longer speed work in my schedule.  I’m scared for tomorrow.  Seriously.  I don’t think I can do what he’s asking.  Wanna know what he’s asking?  2 x 1200m with a pace of 5:06.  Dude! That’s 3 laps around the track in just over 5 minutes.  YIKES!!

But overall this week has been a good week.  My foot is still being wonky.  I’m icing it and taking motrin as preventive measures.  The weird thing is that running makes it feel better not worse.  So I’m just going to keep on keeping on.

I did run three days in a row, and yesterday my legs were worn out.  I’m so thankful today is a rest day.

I’ve been doing much better about drinking lots of water.  I’m not keeping track, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been consuming at least 4 of my 26-oz water bottles in me a day.  And on my long run days, I’m probably consuming more because I am drenched with sweat when I’m done and desperately need the water.  My eating this week has been less well-rounded.  Again, blaming it on the husband being out of town.  He took over the responsibility of cooking dinner for the last couple of months, and it’s been hard to step up.  We haven’t been eating unhealthy, but definitely less salad.  Okay, I’ll fess up.  Last night I ate a hot dog for dinner.  I did have a handful of carrots later when I got hungry and drank some Click made with milk last night when I knew I was going to be up late working.

That’s the recap on my week. Can’t wait to read how everyone else’s week went.


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