Week 9

04 Apr

This last week of training brought to within $400 of reaching my fundraising goal.  Thank you to everyone who donated in the last week.

I was pretty sore on Sunday following the 8-miler in the hills.  I ran on Monday and then the Tworkout (via The Sisterhood’s Twitter workout during the Biggest Loser).  My butt was so sore.  But I knew that if I just kept moving that I would work the soreness out.  And eventually I did, but my muscles were very tired last week.  I did my tempo workout on Thursday so I could rest before my 8-miler this weekend.  I knew I needed to rest.  So yesterday rolled around, T got up early and went for his run and I headed outside again just before 10.  I knew I needed to be done by 11:15 so I could pick up the little gymnast at 11:30.  I have been running on average 8:30 minute miles.  So doing the math says that I should be done in 68 minutes.  It was an interesting run.  It was cold and breezy and cloudy.  After the first mile I was warm all over except for my hands, which were uncovered because I didn’t think it was going to be *that* cold.  I ended up needing to be creative with my path because the loop I was making was only about 7 miles.  But, in the end, I landed in my driveway at 8.01 miles in 1:07.  My only concern about next weekend is that I have a 10-mile run on the schedule.  I’m not sure I can maintain that pace for 10 miles, but I have a really hard time slowing my pace.  I know it’s something I need to work on.  And today I had a 4-mile run, which I did have to slow down and change my pace, because I was still tired from yesterday’s run – but not sore – and I slowed my average pace by almost 15 seconds.

So here’s to this next week of good, solid training (and of hopefully reaching my fundraising goal)!

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