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Week 11

I’m still not at my fundraising goal yet; although, I am very close – only a couple hundred dollars away.  Please help me get there.  Here’s the link.

I can hardly believe that I am 11 weeks into this whole actual training business.  It’s very weird because no matter how long I’ve been a runner (or runner at heart), I’ve never truly *trained* for a race.  San Diego is only 7 weeks away.  Wow.  This week as not a great week for me.  I’ve had allergies.  Well, I’m calling it allergies.  I started with a dry cough that would.not.stop.  It was yuck.  I knew I was having allergy issues because my ears clog up, and they were clogging up early last week.  No sinus issues, no itchy eyes, no sneezing.  Just a really annoying, hard, headache-inducing cough.  But, believe it or not, I didn’t cough during my runs.  Only before, after, and pretty much any other time in the day.  Monday I had 4 miles on the schedule.  Easy, peasy…at least for me.  Wednesday was a tempo run set up for the track.  Since I didn’t have access to a track or to a babysitter/chauffeur for the kids I had to muddle through the on treadmill.  It was a little difficult because in between the hard runs, I was supposed to have a 2-minute “rest” period.  You can’t just *stop* on the treadmill.  And I didn’t want to mess with my recorded times, so I attempted to pause my iPod during the rest periods.  I was feeling a little run down from lack of sleep the night before from all the coughing, so instead of doing a total of 5 miles (according to my schedule), I only did 4.   Thursday was a 6-miler at race pace.  Well, according to my iPod I’ve been running all my miles about 25-60 seconds faster than what I need to accomplish my goal of completing the 13.1 in less than 2 hours.  So I just ran those 6 miles at my normal pace on the treadmill.

Saturday is long-run day.  Saturday was also included a baby shower and a sick kid.  I dropped the 9yo off at gymnastics and ran 4 miles out and 4 miles back.  I tried to get on to and see how far 4 miles was from the gym and their map site was down.  I tried Daily Mile’s and it wasn’t working for me either.  So even though I know my iPod is off a bit, I went with it.  This run stunk.  Like a freshly squished skunk.  I half-filled my water bottles on my hydration belt, threw in my phone and keys into the pouch, turned on the music and off I went.  Even before I hit mile 1 I was wishing it was already over.  But I kept going.  The miles creeped by ever so slowly.  I was originally thinking of going a little further than whenever the iPod told me I was at the halfway mark.  But the second that voice notified me that I was at 4 miles, I prompted turned around and started back.  I should have gone to the end of the block because I ended up being about 0.4 miles short.  Which I’m not happy about, but I was done and tired.  By the time I got back to the gym I was a coughing fool.  I swear the other parents there either thought I was contagious with some horrible flu or they thought I was dying.  I sounded like it.  I’m over this cough.  Although, my upper abs? They should be rock solid by the time the cough is completely gone.  They have hurt – like burning, hot, muscle-pulling pain.  Yeah, lots of fun.

So this week my miles are supposed to go up.  I’m planning on getting all my runs done on schedule.  Tomorrow, Monday, is 4 miles.  Wednesday is a 3.5 mile tempo run.  Thursday is 6 miles.  Thursday is also T’s birthday and Tiffany and her husband are flying into town.  Then Friday morning Tiffany and I are off to Texas for a little retreat of mostly TNT “sisters”.  Saturday is the longest run yet.  It’s a 12 miler.  Unfortunately most of my fellow Team Shrinking Jeans girls have been hit with a myriad of training injuries, so I’m the only one going to be doing 12 miles. But these girls have heart.  I have such admiration for their determination to stick to their modified training schedules courtesy of our TNT coach in order to be successful in San Diego.

And then the craziest part of my own personal torture?  The following Saturday I will be running a half marathon in Reno.  My goal is to finish it running the whole way.  I’m curious to see what my time is at elevation.  Whatever my time in Reno, I know I will be able to beat that significantly at sea level in San Diego.

So life is crazy as usual.  I’m excited at what the next couple of months is bringing.


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Week 10

Guess what?

I jumped on the fun picture bandwagon.  Today I completed 10 miles.  10 miles outside.  This is the longest I’ve gone since the half marathon in San Francisco last October.  I am so proud.  I will probably be a bit sore.  But you know what? I’m glad that I can do this running thing.  I’m thankful that, despite my own body’s weird tendencies, I am healthy enough to get out there and run and run for more than just me.  I am running now because my uncle, the one who is in remission from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and who is my honored teammate, just got the official “don’t come back to see me for 9 months” from his oncologist.  This is amazing and fantastic news.  The treatment he received did its job.  And for that I am thankful.   And so I will continue to run.


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Week 9

This last week of training brought to within $400 of reaching my fundraising goal.  Thank you to everyone who donated in the last week.

I was pretty sore on Sunday following the 8-miler in the hills.  I ran on Monday and then the Tworkout (via The Sisterhood’s Twitter workout during the Biggest Loser).  My butt was so sore.  But I knew that if I just kept moving that I would work the soreness out.  And eventually I did, but my muscles were very tired last week.  I did my tempo workout on Thursday so I could rest before my 8-miler this weekend.  I knew I needed to rest.  So yesterday rolled around, T got up early and went for his run and I headed outside again just before 10.  I knew I needed to be done by 11:15 so I could pick up the little gymnast at 11:30.  I have been running on average 8:30 minute miles.  So doing the math says that I should be done in 68 minutes.  It was an interesting run.  It was cold and breezy and cloudy.  After the first mile I was warm all over except for my hands, which were uncovered because I didn’t think it was going to be *that* cold.  I ended up needing to be creative with my path because the loop I was making was only about 7 miles.  But, in the end, I landed in my driveway at 8.01 miles in 1:07.  My only concern about next weekend is that I have a 10-mile run on the schedule.  I’m not sure I can maintain that pace for 10 miles, but I have a really hard time slowing my pace.  I know it’s something I need to work on.  And today I had a 4-mile run, which I did have to slow down and change my pace, because I was still tired from yesterday’s run – but not sore – and I slowed my average pace by almost 15 seconds.

So here’s to this next week of good, solid training (and of hopefully reaching my fundraising goal)!

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