Week 8

27 Mar

Time just seems to be flying with training.  This week was better than last week.  The only issue was a lingering full-torso rash that wouldn’t go away.  Running and sweating and clothes rubbing were an obnoxious combination.  Hopefully that wasn’t too much information for some of you.

But, I got all my runs in and felt pretty good about them.  Although I’m sure I’m pushing myself hard enough on my tempo runs.  I might up the challenge a little bit this week.  I did complete about 20.5 miles this week, which is just way cool in my book.

My long run today was supposed to be 8 miles.  Nike+ logged it as such, but I think it might have been a little shorter than 8.  I made up for it though.  Today I ran outside.  On a trail.  With rocks.  And steep hills.  And it was hard.  But it was hard in a good way.  I’m a little sore now sitting here this evening, but it felt so good to challenge myself.  My average pace for this run was over 10:30 minutes miles.  The pace I have been able to easily keep on the treadmill and even outside on the city streets is 8:30.  I completed this run in 1:27:05 by the time I shut off the iPod.  I’d like to do more trail runs, but I’m not sure if I should with this training or not.  It is definitely harder on my body and joints, and I don’t want to injure myself.  So I will probably stick with the streets, at least for another couple of weeks.

T took this picture of me today after we got home from my run.

I am updating my thank-you note up at the top.  (I know I said I’d do it last week and I didn’t. I suck.)  Next week I’m slate for 1 mile less than this week. So pretty much it stays the same.

I have to give a great big shout out to Christie O. who is on Team Shrinking Jeans with me.  Today she ran/walked 26 miles on a treadmill in a mall as a big part of her fundraising efforts for Team in Training.  I could not be more proud of her.  She raised $1435 today.  Just today.  I’m sure she is going to enjoy a nice, not moving, kind of Sunday tomorrow.  And she deserves it.  I am proud and honored that she is on of my “sisters” and on my team.

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