Things that make us stronger

24 Feb

Literally.  As you may know I’ve been a part of The Sisterhood since its inception over a year ago.  I have participated in most of the challenges even though all of the challenges have been about weight loss and I don’t have any weight to lose.  But, so many times I have been inspired by others to keep on running.  Just to keep working towards bettering myself.  I’ve come a long way, let me tell you.  I’m at a point where I’m excited that I get to get on the treadmill and run 6 miles (which is on my training schedule for today).  Two years ago I might have known I was going to run, but I wouldn’t have run 6 miles or been looking forward to it.

The Sisterhood has a new challenge starting today.  It’s the Spring Fling.  It feels like spring here today.  What with the rain and clouds and cozy-like weather.  Spring can hang out in Northern Nevada for as long as it likes.

So about this new challenge.  We are teaming up.  I didn’t participate in the last team challenge because it was all about who was going to be the biggest loser.  I would be a hinderance to my team because I have nothing to lose.  So when the call came out for all those interested, I raised my hand high and said “ME!”, but only if there is a team with other non-losers.  (And I say that with respect.  The losers? Those who are losing weight?  They are awesome!)  So far it is me and Tobey.  We are trying to come up with a fun team name, but I’m creatively challenged, so hopefully Tobey can help us out.

Our first challenge starts next Monday.  It is completing the 30 Day Shred.  I did this last year when The Sisterhood first did it, and man did I hurt for the first 4 days.  But it was awesome.  I’ve been scared to go back to it though.  Not because it’s hard and you sweat a lot, because you do.  But because you don’t do any one thing for longer than 90 seconds.  This is a HUGE pro in many ways, but for me it was so hard to get back on the treadmill and just run for 30 minutes.  So I’m nervous.  I’m not sure I will have the time to do it every day in the month of March.  Team In Training has to be my priority and I don’t want to wear myself out by overdoing the exercise.  So, I will be participating, but I will only be doing it on days that I run and only after I run.  That way the hard mental part will be done with.  I may not be able to walk, but I’m sure that the Shred will make me stronger which will, in turn, help my running.  So wish us luck!

(Oh, I forgot to mention and I’m too lazy right now to go back and find all the info, but I did awesome in the Sisterhood Olympics!  I came away with some gold, silver, and bronze medals out of the deal!)

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

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One response to “Things that make us stronger

  1. Brooke

    February 24, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    you must post your medals or they will all be revoked and given to me. sorry, its a new rule that was added at the last minute 😛

    with those medals you must also tell me how you got into the “happy to be me where i am” place in your head. maybe you never had any to lose. the more i lose the more i seem to find.


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