This week

08 Jan

My runs this week were pretty consistent.  I’ve also tried to add my calisthenics back in.  I did two set of 20 push-ups (from my toes) Tuesday night about died the next day.  The pecs? They still hurt, but I’ve been making myself do at least 20 a day since.  I can’t have weak arms like that?  They also help your core be stronger too.  Which I use while running.

I made a goal for myself for the year to hit the next mileage milestone on Nike+.  My total distance for 2009 was 560 miles.  Since I started running with the Nike+ system back in May 2007 I have logged 884 miles.  Yes, I’ve stepped up my running quite a bit in the last year; although, it’s been more consistency than individual run mileage.  The next level starts at 1553.  So that means I have 669 more miles to run.  Which sounds like a lot of miles, but if you break it down, it’s only about 14 miles a week.  Which is what I’m running right now.

Monday’s have been my “long” run days.  I’ve been doing a 10k.  On Wednesday’s and Friday’s I’ve been doing just over 4 each day.

This bodes well for reaching my yearly goal.  Especially if we get picked again for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco again.  Because then I’ll be training for the better part of the year.  I might do sign up for another half in Reno the beginning of May, but it’s not set in stone yet.  I’d really like to do one locally though.  I want to know I can run a decent race at the higher elevation.  Although, it was fantastic to train at 4500 ft elevation and then run at sea level.  Totally awesome on the lungs.

Anyway, that’s my wrap-up for the week.

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