Monday Project – My Story

08 Jan

For those of you who have been around The Sisterhood for a while know that I’ve been there since the beginning.  (There may be family and friends who are reading about this for the first time!)  You can find my story here.

But the idea behind this week’s project was to determine what works and what doesn’t for me.  I’m a list kind of girl, so here goes.

What works:

  1. In order for me to break the junk food habit (sweets, crappy food, soda) I had to give it up cold turkey.  Last year I gave up desserts/soda for Lent.  Dessert was my downfall because I didn’t eat a lot of junk during the day, just after dinner.  And I was a Coke-a-day girl.  I continued exercising during this time and by the time Easter hit, candy didn’t taste good and I had no desire for a Coke.
  2. Just do it.  There were days that I didn’t want to get on the treadmill.  But I knew I would be checking back in with The Sisterhood, and I didn’t want to let them down.  I don’t do well with outside pressure/motivation – whatever you want to call it.  If T ever mentioned to me about working out, I would take it as an insult.  But if he told me good job for running or exercising, I didn’t want to hear that either; it made me want to stop exercising.  Poor guy, he couldn’t win for losing.  I think that was a lack of self-confidence.  I wasn’t sure of myself and I didn’t want to have to look him in the eye and say I “failed”.  But with The Sisterhood, these ladies weren’t a part of my everyday life.  I could “ignore” them by not checking the site.  I was accountable to them, but really they made me accountable to myself. Now I’m proud of how far I’ve come, even in just the last few months.  My mindset has changed.

What doesn’t work:

  1. Listening to that little voice in my head telling me that one more cookie/brownie won’t matter.  It will taste really good.  Or hey, don’t get on the treadmill, you could sit on the computer and catch up on blogs.  Or, you slept crappy last night, you should take a nap.

Really that is the one thing that has been my downfall.  Listening to that little voice in my head.

I have come so far since I decided to get back on the treadmill 15 months ago.  I have never consistently exercised before.  Now? Now, I feel strong and confident in my running.  I know that I am going to run the San Diego half-marathon well and in a good time and be able to shine proud that I did my best and my best IS good enough for me.


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5 responses to “Monday Project – My Story

  1. babyboy3

    January 8, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    I totally agree with you about checking in on the sisterhood and not letting them down. But it is like you said you aren’t really letting them down but yourself but there is that extra motivation. It really sounds like you are back on track. I was a runner from middle school until college. I hope to be again soon.

  2. Tiffany

    January 8, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing… I am so glad to have found the Sisterhood! It has been such great motivation and accountability for me. I will be doing the San Diego 1/2 marathon too! Can’t wait to meet you. Keep up your Just Do It attitude!

  3. Brooke

    January 9, 2010 at 6:33 am

    glad being able to ignore us works for you :P~

    you sound a lot like me – i can turn anything into an insult. anything!

    and it really does feel good when the bad stuff doesn’t taste good any more

  4. christieo

    January 9, 2010 at 11:20 am

    the sisterhood helps me shove that little voice right out of my head! knowing that there are a group of ladies waiting for an update gets me out the door!! 🙂 you rock. you inspire me every day, with every tweet about your magical runs. even when you don’t feel like doing them, you do them anyway. you rock. can’t wait to run with (behind) you in june!

  5. Mendie

    January 10, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Thank you for being that little voice in my head sometimes Kristen. You are such an amazing support to so many of the sisters. Thanks for sticking with us thru our hard times!


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