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99% mental

I have been slacking in the posting department, but I promise that I haven’t been slacking on my miles.  (Well, I did a little last week due to Christmas and lack of sleep and parties.)  But I’ll have you know I ran 6.5 miles on Monday and I’m going to do 4 more miles today.

The Sisterhood, if you didn’t know, has started a new challenge as of today.  It’s called Rethink Your Shrink.  Essentially the 7-week challenge is a way to get around all the negative self-talk and retrain your brain and your impulses in order to be healthier.  I find exercise to be 99% mental.  It is so easy to convince yourself to NOT get changed and to NOT exercise or to NOT eat healthy because fast food is easy and continuing to sit on your rump is easy.  Well, you know what? If you can get around that little voice in your head who is all about instant gratification and make him (or her) SHUT UP, then you’ve won.  Because after you know how to not hear that voice or at least learn to ignore him, you will be on your way to being healthier.  Do I still enjoy my chocolate and chips and Coke and booze?  Heck yes I do!  But my body has acclimated to this new way of life.  It only needs/wants a small portion of what I used to consume before it’s telling me that it doesn’t want anymore.  Before I start to physically feel ick from the sweetness.  It has taken me almost a year to get to this point.  The healthier diet didn’t come easy.  It was a slow process.  The amazing thing, for me, is the fact that once I started exercising more and feeling stronger I didn’t crave the sweets and unhealthy stuff as much.  Which makes it infinitely easier to “be good.”

As part of this challenge there will be weekly “projects” that begin on Monday’s.  I’m curious as to what kind of projects they are.  I know I can benefit from any self-evaluations they can throw at me.  Are you ready to

Rethink Your Shrink!

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The end of a challenge

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Today marks the end of the Globetrotting Challenge over at The Sisterhood.  I was excited to participate in this challenge.  The challenge ran from November 9th through today, December 16th.  Nike+ makes it so easy to track mileage.  I originally sent a goal of 68 miles.  That allotted to 4 miles 3 days a week.  Well, you know what?  I smoked that goal. As of this afternoon’s run (that I have yet to do) of 10 miles (because I didn’t make it on the treadmill yesterday), I will have logged a total of 87 miles.  Can you believe that?  I can’t.  The month of November was my highest total miles for a given month ever; 71 miles.  I have many to thank for my awesome numbers.  For one, ChristieO.  In the beginning she was keeping me on my toes.  Then there is Lisa and Christy.  These ladies fell in love with running last month and were giving me a run for my money.  Can you say competition?  Their mileage and times were catching me!  I can’t have that, now can I?  So thanks, ladies for giving me the motivation to keep going and pushing myself.

I’m excited to continue running and finish out this year with the best year of running I’ve had ever.  Thanks to my sisters!!  I wonder what challenge they will have for us next.


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Team In Training

So here’s the exciting news.  You know The Sisterhood? Well I instigated a conversation with Lissaand Christy after T and I ran the Nike Women’s (half) Marathon in October.  You can see the history of this evolution over here.  We are pretty excited about going to San Diego next June.  I believe we are going to have about 12 people walking or running on our Team Shrinking Jeans.  You can find my fundraising page here.  And you can find Team Shrinking Jeans’ fundraising page here.  I am asking for donations to help not only raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society but also to help me get to San Diego for the race on June 6th.  I know times are tough for a lot of people right now, but LLS provides such an amazing amount of financial support to research in search of a cure for blood cancers.  Please search your hearts and see if you can help me reach my goal.

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Today’s Run

Today, I was in Idaho.  Today was a day after only about 4-1/2 hours of sleep.  Today was a day of spending time with my girls and my husband, and friends.  Today T made me run.  Well, he didn’t MAKE me run.  He afforded me the opportunity to not slack off because we were out of town.  I dropped the girls off at his office at Gowen Field and went to the gym on base.  There was only one of three treadmills available, and I jumped on one before I had my iPod turned on any my long-sleeved shirt off.  I didn’t want to lose it!  I set the treadmill to my normal start pace of 6.3 mph at 1.5 incline.  I’ll admit I’m starting to get bored again.  It’s good I signed up for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training’s half-marathon in San Diego next June.  (Did you know that?  Check out my fundraising page here.  Feel free to throw some donation money at me.  I won’t object.)

So I ran.  I ran my normal paces and my normal times and pushed myself for the last 1/4 mile – even up to 7.2 mph because I was so done with the treadmill.   Did you know that all treadmills feel different to run on?  I have a 7-year-old NordicTrack that has gotten it’s value worths.  (It’s so old I can’t find a picture of one on the internets.)  I ran 4.27 miles in 36.49.  Not too shabby for lack of sleep.

So, I didn’t miss my Friday run.  I did it and did it in my normal time limit.  How’s that for out-of-town exercise?

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