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30 Nov

Today is Monday. That means in my world it is a run day.  T was commenting the other day that he was proud of my consistency and mileage that I have been achieving.  He was also a little jealous.  His schedule doesn’t usually allow him the consistency needed to stick to a plan.  I have my neat little orderly life (in terms of a schedule) and I pretty much stick to it.

Today I ran.  Since I ran an extra day last week I figured that I would take it easy today and just do a relatively leisurely run of 4 miles.  So I did.  I set my iPod for a distance of 4 miles and hopped up on the treadmill.  It started out well. I was feeling like I had a good pace and was comfortable.  After a while I realized I hadn’t yet heard the voice prompt telling me that I had hit 1 mile.  Ugh.  I thought it was going faster than that.  Which, not even 1 mile in to a 4+ mile run, is not a good thought.  But I focused on the music and kept jogging along.  Finally I hit the 2 mile mark and upped my pace by a couple of notches on the treadmill.  I did that for a mile.  When I finally hit the 3-mile mark I was thinking that I couldn’t keep the pace for another mile if I wanted to sprint the last 0.25 mile.  So I lowered my pace back down a bit.  I just wanted to be done.  Lucky for my mileage, I told that inner wuss of a voice to shut up and kept going.  I finished out my 4-mile run with a 0.25 mile cool down in 36.04.  Not bad.

Running, even when you don’t want to.  Exercise always makes me feel better.  In the past I have always found it so easy to convince myself to NOT work out.  But I’m still feeling confident that I like how my body feels when I do run, so I don’t want to disappoint myself by getting out of shape and having to start over again.  Mind over body.  That is what it is about.

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